.45 Caliber 200 Grain H&G 68 Semi-Wadcutter
Standard Sizing - .452
Optional Sizing - .451, .454, .455

(Match Grade)

500 1000
$49.00 $95.00

(Target Grade)

$47.00 $92.00

About Our Prices ...

Large quantity discounts available for clubs groups or individuals call 412 767-4670 for pricing.

    The NO.1 bullet for use in the .45 A.C.P. Commonly referred to as the H&G68 it was developed by the great moldmakers Hensley and Gibbs and was their No.68 mold designation.
    Cast to perfection in small careful batches with a weight deviation of only 7 tenths of one grain on the Match Grade versions, this bullet has been the standard that all other bullets are judged.
    Superbly accurate with group sizes of under 1 inch at 25 yards this bullet holds accuracy out to 50 yards or more.
    Developed to be a superb feeding bullet in .45 ACP. the longer nose with its Ogival contact point duplicating Hardball is superior over the short stubby SWC styles that were available at that time which were prone to jamming on a regular basis. When set to an O.A.L. (overall length of the loaded cartridge) of 1.25 inches and a taper crimp at .469 (measured right at the case mouth) this will prove to be optimal in 99% of the .45s out there for reliable feeding. Most feed problems associated with SWC styled bullets can usually be traced to something other than the bullet style. On the rare occasion that that you cannot get this bullet to run I offer 2 other 200 grain bullets that will meet your needs. One is the 200 grain Round Nose Flat Point that feeds exactly like Hardball but its accuracy is less than the H&G68 in auto pistols and the other is our newest, the 200 grain Truncated Cone Plain Base that is very feed reliable and is turning in accuracy that is on par (with some saying its even better) than the famed H&G68.
    I also offer the H&G 68 in a Target Grade version which is less expensive than the Match Grade. The Target Grade features an alloy of around 14 BHN that is rated to 850-900 FPS as opposed to the Match Grade which features a BHN of 20+. This alloy is especially good on steel targets as it provides less splatter and bounce back to the shooter on these types of targets. The Target Grade weight variations are held under 1 grains maximum thus making the Target Grade a very consistent performer. In addition the Target Grade can be offered with discounts for large volume clubs, groups or individual shooters. Call for special large volume pricing.

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