.38 Caliber 100 Grain Truncated Cone Bevel Base
Standard Sizing - .358
Optional Sizing - .357

$36.00 $70.00

About Our Prices ...

    A lightweight bullet for ultra low recoil as advocated by some of the top Cowboy Action shooters across the country. This design provides excellent accuracy due to its balanced drive bands and low weight deviations (unlike the shortened .38 - 105 grain version which is now an unbalanced design from a cut down 38 - 125grain bullet). The Truncated Cone nose profile can be used reliably in lever action rifles as well as pistols. A light roll or taper crimp can be used to secure the bullet for all applications.
    For volume shooters I can pack up to 4500 of these in a 70 pound U. S. P. S. package for only $8.95 in shipping.

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