.38 Caliber 100 Grain Double Bevel Base Wadcutter (Match Grade)
Standard Sizing - .358
Optional - .356, .357, .359

$36.00 $70.00

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    A simple balanced design that generates ultra low recoil in .38's. and excellent accuracy. Originally designed for new women shooters who were getting into shooting for the first time for self defense. Since most self defense instructors would recommend a .38 revolver for novice shooters (remember the Lady Smith line from S&W?) they wanted a bullet that would generate the lowest recoil possible and this bullet delivers it. It wasn't too long after its introduction that competitive shooters in PPC (Police Practical Course) picked up on the bullet to lower their recoil and recovery time. There are some reloaders who have even double stacked these in .357 cases as a self defense round that generates double impact on the target. All in all a great little bullet.

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