.38 Caliber 125 Grain Truncated Cone Bevel Base
Standard Sizing - .358
Optional - .356, .357, .359

(Premium Grade)

500 1000
$37.00 $70.00

(Cowboy Action Alloy)

$37.00 $70.00

We Offer A Quantity Of 3,800 Of This Bullet In The 70# Cowboy Action Alloy Bulk Pack For $255.00 (Plus Shipping).

About Our Prices ...

    The current Number 1 seller for Cowboy Action Shooting. This bullet has propelled the Quick Silver Kid to 2 consecutive Pennsylvania state championships in Cowboy Action Shooting. His father Big Fred has also won the Northeast Duelist championship as well as numerous other titles. Used by many top competitive shooters across the country. 100% feed reliable in lever action rifles, this design does not suffer the shortcomings of feeding that has plagued the 125 grain round nose flat point version that had to be redesigned into the 130 grain round nose flat point. The Truncated Cone provides superior accuracy whether you shoot for competition or just for fun. A 5.0 grain load of 231 is very good for .38 special snub nose revolvers. The Truncated Cone design is also excellent for revolvers when using speedloaders as there is no SWC shoulder to hang up onto the cylinder mouths. The crimp groove is molded right in so setting the O.A.L. is easy. It is velocity rated to 1600 FPS. so it can easily be used in .357 Magnum loads with any of the Magnum speed powders. (2400, WW296, AA No. 9, etc.) 99.9% of the .38 caliber guns will do fine with the standard size of .358 The only time I have seen a problem has been with Colt Pythons that have exceptionally tight barrels at .355
    This bullet is available in our Cowboy Action Alloy which features a Brinell of around 12-14 and is perfectly suited for Cowboy Action shooting providing better sealing thru obturation (expansion) of the bullet bases at the lower pressures and velocities associated with this type of application. This alloy also offers the added advantage of less splatter and bounce back when engaging steel targets thus providing an added measure of safety to the shooter and other participants.

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