.38 Caliber 140 Grain Round Nose Flat Point Bevel Base
Cowboy Action Alloy - 12 BHN
Standard Sizing - .358
Optional Sizing - .357, .360

$37.00 $72.00

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    Originally designed for Cowboy Action Shooting (where it is still popular). This bullet has become very popular for use in the .38 S&W (not to be confused with the .38 special) when sized to .360. This is an excellent design that is very accurate and features wide balanced drive bands and a nose profile that ends with a generous meplat area.  As a round nose flat point design with a good elliptical nose profile this has proven to be fairly feed reliable in lever action rifles but I have had some people report that they had feed problems. Some of those problems could be traced back to the rifle or improper loading technique (improper amount of crimp) If you are unsure I will supply samples for you to try. As a light middleweight bullet in revolvers its performance is superb. Large quantity discounts apply.

This bullet is available on special order in a premium grade alloy that can be driven to 1600 fps and would be suitable for small game due to the large meplat in .38 and .357 .

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