.38 Caliber 158 Grain Semi-Wadcutter Bevel Base
Standard Sizing - .358
Optional - .357, .359, .360

(Target Grade)
500 1000
$37.00 $70.00

(Match Grade)

500 1000
$38.00 $72.00

About Our Prices ...

    The most popular weight and style bullet in .38/.357. Many styles of semi-wadcutter designs have been around over the years, many of which featured longer nose profiles similar to the original longer nose .44 Keith bullet. For the most part this was fine until some manufacturers created some revolvers with shorter cylinders (Don't ask why.) This became somewhat problematic in that some designs would not fit the cylinders of these guns. This version features a short nose profile while maintaining a Swc configuration that will work in all revolvers. This design is NOT recommended for use in lever action rifles as SWC profiles tend to hang up in the action of these guns. Use of the Truncated Cone profile will guarantee 100% functioning in these types of guns. The balanced drive bands with the wide lubrication groove provide good accuracy even when driven to high velocity. The deep molded crimp groove allows easy set up of the O.A.L. and allows heavy crimps for Magnum loadings. I offer this bullet in both the Target Grade as well as the Match Grade.
The Target Grades are rated for velocities up to 950 fps and the Match Grades are velocity rated for up to 1600 fps.

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