.38 Caliber 158 Grain Truncated Cone Bevel Base
Standard Sizing - .358
Optional - .357, .359 .360

(Premium Grade)

500 1000
$38.00 $72.00


(Cowboy Action Alloy)
$38.00 $72.00

About Our Prices ...

    The most accurate .38/.357-158grain cast bullet available. This particular design has been in my line up for over 20 years and has withstood the test of time. It was a winning design when it was introduced and it still is today. Superior to the Magma version it is more aerodynamic and 100% feed reliable in lever action rifles making it the better choice over any round nose flat point design for Cowboy Action. (The Truncated Cone nose is perfect for tubular magazines.) It is also a superior design when using speed loaders for competition use as the nose profile slides easily into the cylinder with no hang ups. The design is self centering into the forcing cone allowing better alignment hence better accuracy. If you load this bullet identically the same as the SWC design this one will shoot the tighter groups. It cuts a fairly clean hole on paper but not as paper punch clean as a WC or SWC design. Cast from a matched set of molds provides the ultra low weight deviations. Molded in crimp groove makes the setting of the O.A.L. easy . Bevel base design facilitates easy loading on progressive loaders. The Cowboy Action Alloy grades are rated for velocities up to 950 fps and the Premium Grades are velocity rated for up to 1600 fps.

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