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03/01/11 UPDATE  

This section will cover the bullet lubes that I use on our cast bullets and will also in the future cover some firearm lubricants that I will be offering through the web site.

    Bullet Lubes
I manufacture my own smokeless bullet lube that is used on our cast bullets.
I spent several years researching various formulas for lubes and developed several along the way. The current version is the one I have been using for the last twenty years and it has served our bullets well.

Many lubes were based in a beeswax formula with various lubricants added in like the old 50/50 alox lubes that the NRA endorsed.
Such lubes provided good lubrication except at high velocity where the lube broke down too quickly. Hard lubes worked better at high velocities but not so well at low velocities.
The NRA formula also smoked a tremendous amount; so much so that many thought that the shooter was using black powder for the loads. The harder lubes smoked less but still generated a good deal of smoke themselves.

My research led me down the path to high temperature synthetic waxes and synthetic lubricants.
The blend I came up with was a medium hard lube with good lubrication qualities at both ends of the velocity spectrum.
It offered good adhesion and was pliable without being brittle and stayed in the grooves thru transport and shipping.
The high temp base of the lube also meant that the lube would not run and contaminate the powder charge on hot days like the soft lubes did which was problematic.
The added benefit was that the lube smoked a lot less than other lubes and when coupled with the newer cooler and clean burning powders, the lube generated very little smoke.
    This lube is harder to apply than other hard fast setting lubes and as such we spend more time insuring good application to deliver a quality product.

    Black Powder Lubes
I had always offered BP lube as an up charge option on the BP bullets.
I started with SPG which was the leader in BP lubes for performance.
The lube was very soft and was applied by hand thru a hand lube size machine and the bullets basically came out very messy and did not fare well thru transport.

Since many of the .45/70 bullets were sized by hand to insure their accuracy and prevent any damage to the bullets the process was time consuming.
After talking to some BP bullet lube suppliers I found one that applied well and was firmer but still offered very good BP lubrication.
BP lubes provide lubricants that in addition to keeping the bullet from fouling it must also keep the BP residue from getting too hard after firing inside the barrel.
After switching to this lube I no longer charged extra for those bullets that were hand sized which is most of the .45/70 bullets with multiple lube grooves.
The lube is far less messy and the bullets come out well but there will always be some extra lube on those bullets from the application process.
The lube also works very well for smokeless powder use so the BP lube can do dual duty.

On special request I can offer the hard temp lube if desired but there is an up charge for that application now.

Bullets are still available unsized and unlubed for those that wish to do their own.

I cannot size bullets without applying lube so if you must have the bullets sized I will have to apply one of the two lubes to the bullet.

Thank you for letting me be of service to you, Bob Palermo / President.

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