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Long distance shooters of large caliber guns like 45/70 need bullets that meet the demands of such shooting.
Most of the shooting is done with bullets in the 405 grain to 530 grain range depending on the rate of twist of the rifle.
45/70’s have run a twist rate of 1 in 22 to 1 in18 that will stabilize those bullets.

Various designs have been developed for such shooting and those that cast their own do so with a single cavity mold for minimum weight variance of those large bullets.

In examining the casting of our own bullets, I realized that the most weight variation between bullets was in the biggest heaviest weights. While for most generalized shooting the weight variance of several grains was not an issue.
In talking to those that were doing long distance shooting I found that many were weighing each bullet and segregating the bullets into groups based on their weight variance.
I felt that I could minimize the weight variance by going to a one mold single cavity casting of each different heavy bullet.
The process takes longer but insures a much higher degree of consistency and minimal weight variation.

In addition I can add more bullet designs into the line up as I only have to purchase one block instead of a set of blocks which is of course much more costly.

Those that want to take advantage of the single mold casting option just need to note that request in the special instructions area.
There will be a small added fee for this option due to the time required to cast a volume of bullets for an order.

Other calibers that can take advantage of this option will be taken under consideration so please e-mail me your requests.

I can also offer this option for those that wish to purchase their own custom design molds.
Ballisti-Cast and Accurate Molds and probably some others offer molds that will work with our casting machines so this will expand custom bullet options for our customers.
Please consult with me first before ordering any such custom molds to be sure of compatibility.

Thank you for letting me be of service to you, Bob Palermo / President.

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