Reloading Tips for Young and Old

    With the spiraling rise in prices on ammo over the past few years, reloading has enjoyed a rebirth as it were by many people. Some who quit reloading are getting back into it to reduce costs while new reloaders are entering into the hobby for the first time with an eye towards saving some coin over factory ammo prices. As usual the newbie and even some of the experienced have questions about the process. Today the handloader / reloader has an abundance of choices facing them; more choices than were available just ten to fifteen years ago. All of this tends to be a bit overwhelming to the novice or the experienced who are getting into or  back into the game.

    The purpose of this section is to answer some of the more common questions that I have been getting along with some tips and guidance that I provide to my customers. This section will be in parts and as I go along I will add additional parts to this section. A lot of this will be random and not specifically in any order so you may just want to peruse the sections to see if there is any info that will help you out along the way. This is not meant to be a tutorial on how to load as there are many books that cover the basics. Rather this is more of an insiders guide to little tricks and problem solving that reloaders run into from time to time. In the event that I havenít covered the area in which you need assistance you can always call me at 412-767-4670 to discuss your specific problem and Iíll do my best to get you an answer or at least try to point you in the right direction. I Am Not the Ultimate Authority on Reloading but as a friend once said I am far from the bottom. There will also be some historical references to source information that I feel may be necessary to explain why we got to where we are at today with a particular problem and why we are using a particular method to overcome such problems. I feel a comprehensive understanding makes the whole experience a more enjoyable one and I feel an obligation to credit the Handloading Greats that have come before me who I learned so much from. It is to their memory that I dedicate this entire section of Reloading Tips.

Thank you for letting me be of service to you,
Bob Palermo / President.

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