Customer Tributes To Penn Bullets Superiority

Hi Bob,
Here is the results of your bullet with 3.4 grains of Titegroup in a .38 Special case.
I sighted in my Dan Wesson 6" .357 at 25 yards.
I then proceeded to shoot 25 shots.
I missed the bowling pin 3 times (they are circled with red marker).
This was my first and only load I tried.
Iit was also the second time I ever shot this gun.
I am very happy and there is no leading.
Thank You!!
Dan R. (1/29/19)


Hi Robert,

I want to thank you for taking the trouble to send off the two sample packs of .44 bullets sized to .432". I never asked the price. I found it incredibly fair. What’s more important, I’m absolutely delighted with my range test results.

It’s no surprise that the 240 grain TCBB bullets outperformed the 200 grain RNFP bullets. What’s really important is that the 240 grain TCBB bullets sized to .432" are more accurate by a wide margin than any other bullets I’ve tested in this particular Browning B92. As I stated earlier, the bore slug miked at .4315" which accounts for the mediocre to lousy performance with .430" bullets.

As soon as I’ve finished this e-mail I’ll be going to your web site to order 1,000 240 grain TCBB bullets sized to .432".

Also note that I’m perfectly happy with conventionally lubed bullets as opposed to coated bullets. A Model 92  should smoke when it goes off.

Again, thanks for the help. It’s a delight doing business with you.

Doug L. (04/23/18)




Hi Bob,
Brion C. asked me to send you the results of my rifle build and reloads using your bullets.  

My rifle started out as a Winchester 94ae.  I sent it to J.E.S. in Oregon for a rebore from 30-30 to 38-55.  
When I got it back I did a chemical faux case coloring to the metal parts and fit new stocks and added a saddle ring.  
I also added a Skinner peep sight on the rear of the receiver.

I purchased some Black Hills ammo and also some Starline brass.  

I found you on the internet, called you, bought bullets, and you sent me to Brion.  
Thank you!  

And it all came together!  

The three shots over the bull were sight in rounds using Black Hills.  It was on a rest at fifty yards.  
The three shot group at the 10 o’clock position were my reloads using Starline brass, 28.5 grains of IMR 3031 and your 245 grain 38-55 FPBB bullets.  

Wow, less than a one inch group.  And they are hotter!  

I’m beyond happy!  

Keep up the good work!  

Thank you for everything 
Glenn S. (04/2217)

Thanks for your call today. I appreciate your time.

As we discussed I enjoy my Savage 116 Weather Warrior in 30-06.
It’s a standard off the shelf gun with no mods.
It shoots your 180 grain RNFPBB .30 caliber cast bullets (.309") and Titegroup with good accuracy. I’ve had success with 8 + grains but near 9 grains was best. OAL is 3.130".
No leading and easy cleaning.

Titegroup is good also in my 30-30 Winchester. I worked up from 5.5 grains with your 150 grain RNFPBB .30 caliber bullets (.310") and OAL is 2.520".
Heats up the barrel a bit but shoots clean.

Green Dot also works well with .30 caliber cast bullets in these days of no powder on the shelves.

I’ve had great success with an Arisaka Type 99 re-chambered to 30-06 and your 180 grain RNFPBB .30 caliber cast bullet (.312").
6.5 grains of Green Dot was nice.

Also a 32-20 cast bullet with 7 grains of Green Dot is very good.

Your standard .30 caliber cast bullets also work well with my Savage 06 and Winchester 30-30 worked up with Green Dot butTitegroup was better.

Lots of low recoil, reduced and accurate loads.
This is with an old World Class scope on the Savage and open sights on the Arisaka Type 99 and the Winchester 30-30.

All testing was at 100 yards off a pant leg with cat litter fill at public range here in PA.
I load with all Lee equipment and a Lee hand loader.
There’s lots of room for improvement.
I know enough to be safe and I’m in the process of upgrading my optics and reloading equipment.
This is a very nice sport.
Have a great evening!
Pete G. (10/25/16)


Thanks for the reply Robert.
I'll keep an eye on the website. 
Don't know if this is of interest to you or not but I thought I'd send it along.
The bullet on the left is your 320 grain .432 diameter SSK with Casull alloy that I shorten to .965" from .980", to help stabilize and eliminate key holing.
The bullet is fired from my 444 Marlin with the Microgroove rifling at a measured 2400 fps. The bullets weight is reduced to 318 grains due to the shortening. The upset bullet was recovered from a very tough old wet piece of Douglas Fir.
The bullet was fired from 15 yards and penetrated approximately 12 inches.
Retained weight is 290 grains with a nice mushroom.

The bullet on the right is .375 caliber Hornady 300 grain round nose fired into the same piece of Douglas Fir at 15 yards at 2550 fps from my 375 Ruger.
Penetration was approximately 14 inches.
Retained weight is 138 grains.
Both bullets traveled in a straight path but the majority of the wood destruction goes to the Marlin.
This Marlin round was primarily developed for close range Grizzly Bear defense and it is assuring to know that if Yogi takes one in the peepers it’s going to exit his back pocket.

Thanks again for a great bullet.
Blair S. (09/21/16)

Yesterday I fired a three shot group from a rest at 200 yards on 12 in gong that was 1 1/2 inches using your .38 caliber 158 grain TCBB bullet in Uberti 1873 Winchester clone chambered in .357 magnum.

I did it two times yesterday - and that after retinal surgery in my shooting eye with eyesight now limited to 20/60 corrected.

The rifle has iron sights - tang peep and front bead.

The load is 11 grains of IMR 4227, Starline 357 magnum brass, and Federal #100 small pistol magnum primers.

Some bullet!

Brian H. (03/23/16)


Imagine my surprise when I open my most recent order and unexpectedly discovered your new poly coated red bullets (38 TCBB ordered 11/14/15).
I'm just now reloading this batch and wanted to wait till I fired 500 rounds, but I can't contain my excitement. These bullets are great!

While I never had leading issues in the bore of my revolver, I was constantly fighting lead accumulation on the face of the cylinder, around the outside cylindrical surface of the forcing cone, and under the top strap in the corner when it meets the face of which the firing pin comes through. These areas are now completely free of lead. Gun cleanup is now much much easier overall.

The smoke is way down. Okay it does smell a little like burning plastic, but its slight and who cares.

I have only fired 100 rounds but can see no effect on accuracy.

During reloading I find no shaving when seating so I didn't even pull a few bullets to examine their surface. I resized a few and found the coating stays in place, but your dimensions are so tight that a 0.358" die used on a 0.358" ordered bullet causes little pressure on the side walls when pushed through the die.

I can't wait to run through my current supply of .45 caliber bullets so that I can reorder them in their coated version.

Excellent job,

Greg T. (02/17/16)


The sun came out yesterday and I raced to the range for testing the .45/70 bullets you sent.

The 300 grain RNFPBB was loaded with 49 grains of IMR 3031 - WLR primer.

Results: 3 inch (3shot) group @100 yards. Velocity - 1620 fps @ 10feet. 

The 350 grain RNFPBB was loaded with 50 grains of IMR 3031 - WLR primer.

Results: 2 inch (3shot) group @ 100 yards. Velocity - 1770 fps @ 10feet.

The 405 grain RNFPBB was loaded with 46 grains of IMR 3031 - WLR primer.

Results: 3.5 - 4 inch (4 shot) group @100 yards. Velocity - 1620 fps @ 10 ft.

I did chronograph two rounds of each size prior to the scope sight in with the 300 grain (16 rounds) to begin the group testing. I used three different crosshair holds points to clearly distinguish the three groups. 

Started with a lapped barrel and did not clean throughout the test (28 rounds). 

I am satisfied that I can get three inch groups of lead bullets at 100 yards at 1600-1700 fps. 

The two rounds of 350 grain LazerCast from previous test using 25grains of H4198 produced 900 fps and very soft recoil. I did not group this load. I was not comfortable with the soft recoil. This load may be approaching "too light a charge" for safety in my twenty-two inch barrel Marlin 1895.

Thanks for your help on this test. I’m convinced your 350 grain RNFPBB lead bullet design is superior to the Lazercast  350 grain bullet. Your bearing area length is 40% longer (only one grease groove and smaller chamfer) and the bullet nose length is shorter than the length of bearing area. I believe that contributes to more stable bullet balance in the barrel and spin flight similar to a density issues in the lead.

Frankly, I was shocked at the two inch group of your 350 grain RNFPBB bullet.

I only rested the shouldered rifle on the magazine tube on a bag of small rocks on a small wooden stand on the wooden bench. No fixed rifle rest.

Thanks for your help with my problem.  

Douglas R. (01/25/16)

Hi Robert,

I ordered these bullets (.44 Caliber 185 Grain Double Bevel Base Wadcutter), a while back and just had chance to test them.

I loaded them up with my first loads for my S&W model 69 44 magnum and mounted a new J Point red dot sight on it.

I set up a target at 20 yards and shot 15 rounds to sight it in well enough to group shoot while resting on my range bag.

I have been loading and shooting 44 magnums since 1956/7.

This is the first time that my first load with Unique was as far as I needed to go.

Also, the coating had some chipping - probably from sizing or shipping. BUT this did not effect accuracy.

I will try to attach a photo (77 years old - no computer whiz) showing 5 shots at 20 yards while resting over my range bag.

GREAT JOB. No leading, loads clean, and super accurate!!!!!!!

T M M (12/29/15)

Hello Robert,

This is just a quick note to let you know I'm delighted with the .38 caliber 125 grain TCBB and .38 caliber 158 grain TCBB bullets.

These are intended for and cycle through my Rossi R92 as slick as can be. The 30" twist in the R92 barrel doesn't really stabilize the 158 grain bullets at the velocities I load, but that's no surprise. The 125 grain bullets shoot very well.

I have five 38 revolvers and two 357 revolvers, so the 158s will get used up quickly.

I'll be back next month for a real working supply of both.

Thanks for providing an excellent product.

Douglas L. (08/13/15)

Just thought I would share a couple of my experiences with your bullet in a couple of my Sharps rifles.

First let me say that at just shy of sixty-seven and having spent almost fifty years of being kicked around by various guns I finally wised up and now shoot what for lack of a better term could be called "wimp loads".

When I got my Cimarron "Down Under" in 45-70 I started looking for a lighter bullet to shoot. I tried the 350 grain plated but while they shot well they just did not look right. That is what led me to try your 370 grain Spitzers. I loaded them over 31grains of IMR 4198 and Winchester Large Rifle primers and crimped in the crimp groove. This load produces about 1350 fps out of my 32" sharps and will regularly give me sub 2.5 inch groups benched at 100 yards. This with Creedmoor sights. It is also very pleasant to shoot.

I just purchased a 45-120 Sharps sporting rifle and having no desire to shoot the heavy 535 grain Postell loads that the former owner threw in I purchased some Norma Brass and loaded up several with 29 grains of Trail Boss and your 370 grain Spitzers seated to midway on the front band with a light crimp. Again I was using Winchester Large Rifle primers. Off the bench, after sighting in, I was so impressed that we set up a target at 200 yards. Again with Creedmoor sights off the bench this rifle put 4 of 5 rounds into less than 3" with the 5th round opening the group to 4.5 inches. I have not chronographed this load but I suspect it is also at about 1325 -1375 fps.

To say I am impressed with the performance of your bullet would be an understatement. The groups with my old eyes and the Creedmoor sights have been excellent and I have had no leading in either of these rifles. And as a last added plus they just look so right when paired with the Sharps rifles.

Very Respectfully Yours
Chip K. (06/14/15)

Hi Robert,
Both the 200 grain SWCBB and 180 grain SWCBB bullets worked very well.  
I’m pushing them with WST powder and for Bullseye short line (twenty-five yards) I’m loading at 4.2 grains, and for long line (fifty yards) I use 4.5 grains.  
My Springfield cycles well and the bullets are quite accurate to called shot.
I won the Expert class Centerfire match, and tied overall Aggregate (got beat on X count).
I’ll load the remaining 180s, and a series of 200s, for a match coming up in mid-July, and will split them between Centerfire and 45 matches.
Good bullets!
Thanks again.  
Doug (06/29/15)

Just to let you know I shot some 335 grain Thunderheads  and  also some 420 grain Thunderheads with both H110 and HS6 for reduced loads.
I went to the range to just fire the loads, not concentrating on trigger control.
This is a 475 Linebaugh!
Your bullets preformed superbly even with my minimal concentration factored in.
I've got some superb base loads to work with now.
No lead deposits, easy case extraction , and superb accuracy off hand without even trying hard.
Thanks for an excellent product.
Mike P. (02/22/15)

I found your site on the web and I was interested in bullets for a XDM 460 Rowland and also for LAR Grizzly 45 Win Mag.
Both of these are carried as backup protection while hunting in Alaska.

I recently received some of your Penn Bullets .452, 255grain RNFPBB Hardcast and 230grain TCBB Hardcast to load for a 460 Rowland.
When I first contacted you, you weren’t very familiar with the 460 Rowland so I felt obligated to share some feedback.
I have loaded some of each and shot them.
I couldn’t be more impressed.
Attached is a snapshot of the very first target with the 255gr RNFPBB at 20 yards, out of a Springfield XDM 460 Rowland 4.5”(compensated).
The load is 11.5 grains of AA#7 and bullet seated to 1.235 O.A.L..
Per Quickload Ballistics Program this load produces 34633 psi and estimated velocity of 1057 fps. Cartridge SAAMI max is 40000 psi.
This load actually chronographed at 1104 fps average over a 10 shot group with a standard deviation of 14.08012784 fps. Talk about consistency!!!
I have since stepped up the load to cartridge SAAMI max with the same shot group results.
I have also loaded the 230gr TCBB to a 1.235” O.A.L. with the same awesome results.
Neither load produces barrel leading.
Thanks for a great product.
Feel free to share this info with any and all.
I will be contacting you soon for some 45/70 405gr.
Thanks again
Warren W.
Palmer Alaska (01/05/15)

From your letter it sounds like you’re not only the president but also the chief cook and bottle washer.
I bought 250 of your .45 caliber Thunder Heads and am I ever pleased!
They’re everything it states them to be on your web site.
They arrived today and I couldn’t wait to try them.
No good test material so some 4x4s and old oak had to be my backstops. 
Wow did the wood fly!
I’ll order more tomorrow.
Thanks again
Terry  (09/27/14)

Hello Bob;
    I hope this finds you well.
    I am writing to update you on Amira Sleem's  2014 performance at the Canton Ohio Regional, and Camp Perry Championships.
    The July 4th weekend at Canton was a total sweep.
    Canton is considered the Perry Pre Match, or Perry test.
    She was High Woman and won nearly every individual match shooting PENN Bullets with a 2596-86X,  which is one of the very highest scores shot by any woman in the USA currently.
    She easily won the Law Enforcement Expert class with a 160 point lead!!
    She placed 2nd overall woman at Camp Perry, the following week, while winning numerous individuals matches, high expert police, and was high woman in the Preliminary Match.
    She has gone from zero to Master in a short five years, shooting PENN Bullets!!!
    Bob,  thank you very much for a superior product and service.
    Jerry Keefer
    Engineered Revolvers & Automatics (07/29/14)

She has officially become a member of the 2600 club as of 2 August 2014 with a 2606 at the Cavallier R&P Club, Montpelier, Va. registered match.
    She won high over all shooter to take the match.
    I believe she is the first woman to win the overall in the history of that range.
 Jerry Keefer
    Engineered Revolvers & Automatics (08/05/14)

    This is just a note to compliment you and your .452" bullets.
    I have been shooting .45 ACP a lot this year, and when I make them I run them through a .45 ACP Chamber Checker.  
    Just about every one of them passes with ease.  
    About 1 in 500 seems to have a questionable fit, and that is usually corrected by re-crimping them again and wiping them again to get rid of the excess wax.
    With these bullets, I have had no mis-feeds or stove pipes.
    In the past, I had some Georgia Arms .452" - 200 grain RNFP bullets, and at least 15% of them failed in passing the chamber checker test.  
    I was having a big problem with mis-feeds.
    Keep up the good quality work.  
    John H. B., Jr. (06/17/14)

Mr. Palermo;
    Last year I shot the attached target during a string of timed fire (5 shots 20 seconds at 25 yards).
    You make a quality bullet and I'm looking forward to getting my next order and getting to the range after a little break from shooting.
    On another note, the break you give to Law Enforcement, Military and Disabled Veterans is much appreciated.
    Gun: Springfield Armory Custom Shop 1911
    Bullet: Your 9mm 115 grain SWCBB
    Load: 3.8 grains of Winchester 231
    Thank you
    Pat K. (05/14/14)

    We spoke yesterday and today I got your voicemail that said to email you.
    I have four .357 magnum lever guns that simply do not shoot well enough with the Meister hard cast 158 grain RNFP (sized at .358”) to shoot cowboy lever action pistol silhouette.
    I have two Uberti 73 Winchesters, the rifle with a 24” barrel and the short rifle with a 20” barrel. I also have two Marlin 1894s, the 1894C and 1894CB.
    You said to mike the groove diameter and we would go from there. I miked the Marlins and the CB was .3563” and the C was .3591”.
    The Uberti which I can mike is .3556”. My other Uberti is with a friend for testing. At fifty yards she put four shots in one cloverleaf hole and two almost touching which were only about 1 /4” away from the cloverleaf, but she had three flyers which were two inches or more way from the cloverleaf. At one hundred yards I can’t hit a twelve inch gong with that load.
    Any advice would be welcome as to hardness, size, powder, charge, etc.
    I would like to try your 158 grain TCBB in any event. I also would also like to try the 180 grain TCBB at 200 yards if I can get them to shoot.
    We have a kid kicking our butts with a Browning low-wall at two hundred yards offhand gong shoot using .357 magnum. I bet he is using a heavy bullet!
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Brian H.
    Fredericksburg VA


    I would try the 158 grain TCBB sized to 357” diameter for the Uberti and the tight Marlin. For the loose Marlin you need it sized to .359”.
    The 180 grain TCBB is also good with its long bearing surface which aids to increased accuracy but you will need to run a magnum load.
    I would try some increased loads behind the 158 TCBBs with some slower medium to magnum speed powders.  Get the load up to 1200+ fps and see how that works. I have .357” diameter 158 TCBBs in stock right now and can do some at .359” for the other gun.  I can probably get you some 180 TCBBs to test magnum loads for that one.
Thank you for letting me be of service.
    Robert Palermo - President


    Robert you are the boss!
    We don’t own any handguns so I am behind the eight ball here on magnum pistol loads so I will consult the loading manuals.
    Please send me your suggested bullet sizes, five hundred each for openers.
    Let me know when you want the credit card information.


    Your 158 grain .357” TCBB’s over 11.0 grains of IMR 4227 (chronographs about 1260 fps) changed both our Uberti 73s completely around. Before we couldn’t hit a twelve inch gong at one hundred yards from bench using 158 grain RNFPs.
    Now we EXPECT to hit a sixteen inch gong offhand at two hundred yards using your truncated cone bullets.
    If we miss now it is not the load or the rifle’s fault!

Hi Bob,
    I finally got a chance to try the .357 diameter 125 grain TCBB bullets for the python.
    They perform very well over 16.5 grains of 2400.
    I'm glad I got the 70 pound pack.
    Jim (03/29/14)

    I thought you may get a kick out of these pictures of the Sphinix 3000 9mm and the seven of the first fifteen shots I put through it.
    This load is using the 9mm 147 TCBB you sent down, AA #5, Federal #100, and mixed brass.
    The S&W Pro Series 1911 9mm seems to like that combo fairly well also. It has had one box of WWWB hardball through it and the target is five of the first eleven handloads it has had through it.
    Both guns have had very little shooting, at this point.
    While certainly not bullseye stuff I'm satisfied for a sixty-six year old man who has had cataract surgery on his shooting eye.
    As usual you bullets perform better than the launcher.
    James R. (03/01/14)


Robert Palermo
    Sir, I have been loading some of your 44 TCBBs that you sent me earlier this summer and all I can say is WOW!
    The 180 TCBBs didn't work that well in my Ruger 77/44 for accuracy but were amazing out of my short barreled 44s.
    My wife wants to thank you, shooting them out of a Bulldog worked very well.
    Now to the 240 TCBBs; the Ruger really liked those.
    Using 4227 at the upper end of book loads was best and two inch groups were easy. Keep in mind this gun has never been a stellar performer and those two inch groups are the best it’s done so far including factory.
    Please tell everyone, “Good job, great bullets.”
    One question, I know your very busy right now but I was wondering when the 44 thunderheads will become available?
    Please put me down for 500 whenever you start.
    Richard O. (11/02/13)


Hey Mr. Robert;
    I ordered some of your .45 caliber 200 grain TCPB bullets and I am very pleased with them.
    I used to reload a lot in the 90s for my .45 but slowly got out of it and I started back about a year ago for obvious reasons.
    I used jacked bullets back in the day but decided this time to use cast bullets.
    I did some research and ordered small quantities from seven different casters including Penn Bullets.
    I can honestly say your bullets really are better.
    The lube was consistently in the groove and not smeared all over the bullet and it was not dry and cracked.
    The bullets were well formed, all of them, and the weight deviation of your bullets was almost nonexistent.
    None of the other casters came close!
    I had e-mailed for load data and you suggested 5.0 grains of HP 38 and an OAL of 1.200" for my .45 ACP.
    I attached a picture of a target that was shot at 20 yards freehand.
    I'm not changing a thing!
    Thank you for making an excellent cast bullet.
    God bless
    Trace H. (09/02/13)


Hello Bob;
    Hope this finds you well.
    I wanted to give you an update on Amira Sleem, the woman shooting your bullets in competition.
    She had a great year up to and including the 2013 Canton, Ohio Regional Championships.
    She has not lost a match in the last two years.
    At the 2013 Canton, Ohio Regional Championships she again won the expert police class. This makes it three years in a row!  She had 11 first place individual match wins and 4 high woman awards. She was also High Woman with the .45.
    Now the news is less happy when it comes to Perry.
    The weather was horrible with wind, rain, and mud / water up to their ankles on the firing line.  She finished 60 points under her average on .22 day, due to high winds, and never recovered from that. Perry was a wash out for her. She took it hard, but was back on the range this week training again for upcoming matches. She has been shooting low 2560s, so she is soon to be a Master.
    Bob, I can’t say enough about your bullets. There is NEVER any lead build-up in the chamber / barrel, which is extremely important for accuracy. Your alloy mix is on the money.
    Thank you for such for a consistently great product.
    We have enough bullets to get thru the year, but I will be contacting you this winter and planning to drive up to Pennsylvania for load of bullets.
    Is there any news on the match bullet you were developing? Not that I am unhappy at all with the present design.
    Take care
    Jerry (07/23/13)

You need not reply to my email.  I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to you and your staff for your wonderful product and to take the time to do things correctly.
    There are a number of good bullet makers out there who can't even come close to your level of  commitment.
    It is sad to see the absolute panic that has gripped this  nation and wonder if we will all be able to learn a lesson from this.
    Keep up the good work,
    Carl A.
    Pueblo, CO

    We e-mailed a couple of times last week about load data for your 9mm 120 grain TCBB bullet.
    With 5.4 grains of HS6 and an OAL of 1.055” I am getting an average of 1090 fps and absolutely superb accuracy.
    I am working up a load for a brand new Kimber Pro that I have. This is my first Kimber and it must have a tight chamber. If I chamber a round and try to eject it the slide is stuck forward and very hard to eject.
    I have four other 9mms and the same round will chamber and eject by hand without any trouble in all four of them (Beretta 92F, Springfield EMP, Kahr PM9, and a S&W MP).
    I measured the outside of the loaded cartridge and with the 9mm 120 grain TCBB and it measures .377” at the mouth of the case with a taper crimp. I made a dummy round with the dies set the same and used a Winchester 115grain FMJ bullet and it measures .376” and it chambers and ejects just fine.
    The 120 grain TCBB bullets that I am using are your standard size of .356”.
    I want to order some more of these bullets and was wandering if I should order your optional size of .355” or do you want me to slug the barrel and send it to you first?
    Thank you very much in advance for your continued support.
    Your very well pleased and loyal customer,
    James A. (05/17/13)

    I thought you may get a grin out of these pictures.
    You may recall I mentioned my love / hate relationship with the Taurus PT1911SS .45 ACP that I bought as a beater 1911 a few years ago. I liked the way it shot but its workmanship just couldn’t pass muster.
    I mentioned to a shooting acquaintance that I was going to sell it and he said he was interested.
    As I knew him I offered to let him shoot it first and loaded up some ammo for it. (Your 200 grain SWCBB Target Grade with 5.6 grains of ww231.)
    When he came to try it out he wasn’t interested in shooting any of my ammo and had brought some of his own ‘special loads’ that he always used.
    After he shot a few of his loads it wasn’t looking too promising to make a sale.

    I figured I had better take the bull by the horns (or the Taurus by the grip) and let him see what it was capable of with a good load.
    (I did bobble however and only four of the five are touching.)
Needless to say he bought the pistol!
    I have been shooting your bullets for 25+ years, since I bought the first ones at the OGCA show at the IX center in Cleveland, and they have always been top notch. The high quality has never wavered from that first box purchase so many years ago to the last ones you sent down.

    James R. (01/04/13)
    PS That load shoots pretty well in my S&W PC1911 also!

    I loaded up my first batch of 45 ACP loads with your 200 grain SWCBB Target bullet over 4.4 grains of WST, with 1.25” OAL and 0.469” crimp.
    Here’s what I got!                                
    Now these were shot at 25’ from a sandbag, not quite a real test, I just wanted to test if they would feed well, but I put a target downrange anyway.
    Left target is a 1.2” group and on the right is a 0.80” group (there are five holes in there! - Close up picture provided in case someone says “No picture, didn’t happen.”).
    Thanks Bob, that was the easiest and best reloading experience I’ve had so far!
    In reality, I’m finished, I can just load up a whole bunch and work on my shooting skills at the range. But it’s getting cold out and I will be at the reloading bench in the evening, so I will experiment some.
Kind Regards,
    John S. (12/08/12)



Hello Bob;
I am pleased to tell you that Amira Sleem, the female shooter I sponsor, had a very successful two weeks at the Canton, Ohio Regional Championships, and the Camp Perry National Championships.
Amira, who is a detective with the Richmond, VA police department, won High Woman Police Shooter and won the Police Expert Class at both matches easily. She shot nothing but Penn Bullets at every event.
She received numerous comments regarding Penn Bullets at both matches.
Thank you for all your help, and for a great product.
Jerry Keefer
Engineered Revolvers & Automatics
2330 Goodluck Road
Maidens, VA 23102


Thanks Bob (Penn Bullets) for all your help to make this gun start to shoot.
I fully lapped the barrel and I got less leading.
The next set of tests will have Lee Alox on the bullets.
Now I need to shoot it, and shoot it, and shoot some more.
Thanks to Bear Paw Grips - the grips are the best.
The two of you have greatly helped me. I highly recommend these grips; they are thicker on top and smaller with flat sides toward the bottom.
I use 5.5 grains of Trail Boss with a Penn cast 255 grain .45 caliber RNFPBB bullets sized to .455". 
This style of handgun is a challenge for me to shoot. I am sure on a bench or in the hands of someone else, the group would be half this size.
Joel B.
Shickshinny, PA (06/06/12)

    I bought some of your .40 caliber 165 grain TCBB bullets a couple of years ago and finally got around to shooting some of them.
    Wow!  The groups completely blew away any jacketed stuff I have sent through my SIG P229 and Hi-Point carbine, including hollow points and Ranier encapsulated pills.
    No FF’s or FE’s whatsoever!
    Didn’t amp them too much (5 grains of HP-38) so had no barrel lead whatsoever.  They were also very good with 7.2 grains of HS-6.
    I think I might have a couple thousand jacketed .40 cal bullets for sale!
    Thanks for a great product!
    Patrick C.
    Jessup, MD (04/16/12)

    Attached are targets showing the excellent results obtained with your .45 caliber 225 grain .452 diameter wadcutter bullets in my S&W model 25 using 45 auto rim cases.
    At 25 yards from a hand rest I can get 10 ring accuracy using Winchester 231 powder from 3.8 to 5.2 grains.
    I settled on 4.4 grains as the best choice for accuracy, velocity and recoil.
    From the ransom Rest the gun will shoot Quarter size groups at 25 yards.
    David O.
    Hanna City, IL (02/27/12)

     ROD (02/20/12)

    I recently acquired a SW 952 9mm target gun for use in various Bulls-eye center-fire matches. 
    I wanted to try a semi wad-cutter for the 9mm and upon looking around Penn Bullets is about the only company making a H&G style for this particular caliber. 
    (9mm 115 grain SWC)
    I ordered 500 and was impressed by quality upon opening the package. 
    The variance in weight among the bullets was extremely low and only 1 bullet lacked lubricant.
    Testing turned out to be better than expected. 
    I have attached a target shot at 40 yards with this bullet using a pistol rest. 
    I believe the distance from center to center was 1.4 inches which is more than adequate for shooting in tournaments. 
    If this target was shot out of a Ransom rest it may have been even smaller.  
    Keep up the good work.
    Sincerely yours;
    Robert C. (02/07/12)

    I have just visited your web site for the first time as I am in South Australia.
    I am a keen Lever Action shooter
    I have a Marlin 30-30 and have just brought a Oliver F. Winchester commemorative 38-55 unfired rifle which I am going to use.
    I wish you were over here as your products sound great and your site is very informative with specs and so on.
    I have emailed some makers of projectiles to get information but didn't hear from them. But you have all this on your site already.
    Great work to you and the site maker.
    Peter S.
    South Australia (01/21/12)

    Got the order.
    The (158 grain) .358  TCBB shoots much much better than the SWC I had been using previously.
    Bill H.
    Oviedo, FL (01/05/12)

    I got my order yesterday, thank you for your help.
    My scale says they are 198.5 grain and the deviation at its worst is 1.5 grain out of the 25 I measured.
    They are much better than your competition produces (Missouri).
    I will just have to remember to order a lot further ahead the next time.
    I will be buying more.
    Thank You!
    James W. H.
    York, PA (12/13/11)

Dear Sirs:
    My order for 10mm bullets arrived today.  They were worth the wait.  They are EVERYTHING your website indicated they would be.  Well shaped, nice flat metplate and well lubed -- unlike some competitors bullets I looked at. 
    Your bullets look as good as my old casting without the work.
    Mike R.
    Dayton, OH (12/08/11)

    This morning I received my order for 500 ea of 255 grain .45 cal bullets, custom sized.
    I divided them into more manageable containers of 100 ea for placing in shelving. I would like to say your count was more than generous, the quality of the bullets exceeded anything I have received from ANYONE else, and your prices are nearly unbelievable, including the low fee for custom sizing.
    When any of my existing supplies of lead bullets become low, you are the only supplier I will consider, especially with your amazing variety of choices in caliber and bullet design.
    I will recommend you to all of the lead using shooters I meet.
    J. G.
    Ravensdale, WA (06/25/11)

Hi Bob,
    Hope all is well. 
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for the bullets (they just arrived yesterday).  I really appreciate your generosity. 
    The cards are already in my cart. 
    I've been talking to quite a few people lately about your bullets and I've been directing them to your website. Hopefully, it's getting you some new customers.
    Penn Bullets did it again!  Using your .357 / 125 TC bullets, I was able to win the SASS 2011 PA State Men's Championship.  Your bullets continue to load easily, function flawlessly, and hit solidly.  They are, by far, the most consistent bullets I've ever shot. 
    Thank you for a fantastic product!
    Takes care,
    Rick Fox
    (Biloxi Bob) (06/09/11)

    Hello Robert;
    I got the balance of my order. Thank you! Everything looked great.
    I took your advice for my .40. Worked Great!
    I wanted you to know, my wife Sherry, son Will & I took a Concealed Carry Class we hosted at our hunt club, over the weekend. We were all certified. We used your bullets to qualify. I shot a perfect score with a tight 30 shot group at 15 and 25 feet, rapid fire. The three of us shot three of the best top four scores! There were 18 in the class, some with military and professional training.
    We love Penn Bullets!!!
    Thanks again and best regards!
    Mike M. (5/09/11) 

Dear Penn Bullets,
    I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the quality and performance of your product. 
    I special ordered (.357” diameter and premium quality) your .38 caliber 158 grain TCBB bullets to shoot from a Smith and Wesson 686 plus revolver. 
    Prior to this order, I did not have a loyalty to any particular brand of bullet, which meant that I had several other rounds to shoot and compare your product with. 
    Simply and honestly said, there was a meaningful and noticeable difference in the accuracy of your product. 
    With so many vendors promising the accuracy in their product, I have found it rare that that someone actually delivers.
    Moreover, I can further say that these were actually worth the wait (delayed given that this was a special run because of the reduced size). 
    I must further say that I would probably feel foolish ordering from anyone else.
    Kind regards,
    Don H. (04/07/11)

I just bought 1,000 of your .45 200 grain SWCBB - Match bullets.
    I could not be more pleased!
    The first target I fired with my handloads, using 4.5 grains of Bullseye, mixed brand cases, Winchester primers, was a shock to me.  As I fired the rounds, using a sandbag rest, and my most accurate 45 ... a Les Baer, I felt good, but when I walked up to the 25 yd, B8CT target, and measured the group, it was 1 1/4", all inside the X-ring.  I have had a few targets that good using Bull-X bullets, but I must say that I am very impressed with your bullets. 
    I fired a five-shot group that day with the same pistol using Federal Premium 185 grain SWC Match ammo.  It only fired a 1" group, all inside the X-ring.
    Considering the difference in price, I again must say ... GREAT ... concerning your cast bullets.
    Gilbert R. (04/04/11)

    I just want you to know I am using my second thousand of your premium 205 grain plain base .44's.
    I am very pleased with these bullets and will be ordering more before long.
    I shoot them from my Super Blackhawk Hunter at about 950 fps.
    I usually clean this revolver about every 250 rounds, which I just did, and as usual there was absolutely no leading. Just a few marks or streaks in the barrel that brushed right out.
    I have fired them at about 1200 fps and they still didn't lead my barrel.
    Whatever you are doing, please continue doing it.
    V. W. (03/31/11)

    I just finished shooting up my first order of your 115 grain 9mm bullets, and am kicking myself for letting myself run out.
    I load them with 6 grains of  AA#5, and the load just makes holes where ever I want 'em, and if I just want one big hole, they do that too!
    No leading, no problems, just a pure joy to load and shoot.
    Thank you for an especially great product. I shoot a modified 3904 Smitty-Wesson and my range bud shoots them out of a .38 snubbie and loves them too.
    I did explain how to order from you so he'll stop bumming mine lol.
    Just wanted to let you know that this hillbilly (actually, we prefer the term "Ozark Americans" thinks that your bullets just ROCK!!
    Joe B. (03/21/11)


    I wanted to let you know about some results I've obtained with your bullets in the 41 magnum.
    I started with the 170 grain bullet, and if you recall, you gave me an idea to try some spray on lube in order to push them faster in the Marlin rifle. You were right about the leading, but the difference was so negligible it wasn't really an efficient use of time. As for velocity, in the 8 or 9 powders I used, all with maximum charges, the moly slowed the bullets down with all but one powder.
    I used every magnum powder that I had on hand, and clocked each one through 4, 10, and 20" barrels, both moly lubed and non-moly lubed. I used this array of barrel lengths so I could see what I gained from one length to the next, how many fps per inch from one to the next, etc.
    I was able to conclude which powders burned more efficiently at which barrel lengths, and which gave the most velocity at each length with each powder, and how many fps per grain of powder as well.
    With the data I collected I was able to make some practical deductions concerning powder choice for the specific barrel length one was planning to shoot the load out of. Some of the findings were extremely surprising to say the least. One thing I found was that with all barrel lengths, the highest velocity was with Enforcer. Comparing max charges of even H-110, Enforcer was about 200 fps faster at 4", 150 at 10", and about 100 fps at 20". H-110 narrowed the gap as the length of barrel increased, but never caught up. It was a shock to see something throw a slug faster than H-110 or 296, which have always been the hot rod Magnum powders. The biggest shock was with IMR 4227. It was about 100 fps faster than H-110 out of the 4" but was way behind H-110 at 10". This told me if I want a magnum load for a short barrel, 4227 might be the way to go, especially since it wasn't that far behind Enforcer, with what seemed like noticeably less muzzle blast. I think 4227 must peak a lot faster as it burns down the length of the barrel. This was something I was able to learn about each powder used. It also gave me the most consistent readings over the chrony next to 2400 which might equate to good accuracy. But I think I found my new Magnum load powder with Enforcer, when I feel like I need a real fire breather that is. 
    I have shot some of your 210s recently but haven't had a lot of range time because of weather. I just loaded 17 grains of IMR 4227 and shot a few groups with my custom 3". Off hand, slow fire, at 21 feet they printed a tight one hole group. I can't wait to spend some time at the range with this bullet. This summer I am going to do the same experiment I did with the 170 grainer with the 210, since that is still the most common weight in the 41, and the previous findings may or may not carry over to the 210.
    Thanks for the great product.
    I'm getting closer to the ever elusive "every day working load."
    Demetrius C. (03/17/11)

    Here's some load data, results and observations from a recent test.

    .44 Caliber 240 grain TCBB:
    7 grains Trail Boss - 929 fps
    16 grains Blue Dot - 1584 fps :: extremely accurate
    23 grains H110 - 1472 fps :: this surprised me compared to the Blue Dot

    .44 Caliber 320 grain SSK:
    23.5 grains H110 - 1456 fps :: very accurate, but has fliers (maybe me).

    Trail Boss is also producing some fliers but not to bothersome due to the fact I just plink with them ... accuracy is good.
    Blue Dot at 16 grains has produced, bar none, the most consistent loads ... not one flier. I have both raised and lowered the charge and 16 seems to be the sweet spot.
    As for the H110, 23 grains is as close as I can get for a sweet spot for this powder. Between 23.5 and 25 gr. accuracy is the worst of anything I have tried.
    I shoot quite a bit at a home made steel spinning target and I have learned that your bullets are extremely hard (which I like). I have recovered 16 of these that were used with Trail Boss powder. They hit the pate and were recovered in the snow ... interestingly there was no deformation AT ALL. The bullets, other than the bore marks, are still perfect. I can send them to you if you think anything could be learned from them.
    The plate I used today was 1/8 inch thick and the Blue Dot load went right through it.
    I did finally find a 3/4 plate that would stop the SSK but it sure put a dent in it !!!!
    I am very pleased with your bullet and the SSK will be my hunting load.
    I had a person tell me to seat it deeper to the top line and use it as a crimp groove with 21.5 gr. H110. I haven't done it yet as I would like to hear your thoughts on that first.
    As far as the 240 goes I have been disappointed in my H110 results but absolutely amazed at the Blue Dot results.
    You mention IMR4227 and I am interested in trying this but hesitant to spend the money on a one use powder. With the results I'm getting with Blue Dot could I expect better with the IMR ?
    I know your busy and I’m glad to hear your health is getting better.
    I just wanted to let you know how it was going since you put the effort in to get me the right bullets for my Ruger.
    Thank you again
    Scott B. (02/23/11)
This was done with a Super Redhawk using an extended cylinder and the bullet seated out to the farthest crimp groove.
    Not responsible for load data as provided by others.)

	I have loaded and shot some of your .45 caliber 200 grain TCPB bullets and the results are very satisfying. 
	I settled on a load for my 1911 of  4.7 grains of 231 (I will switch to Clays when 231 is used up) with an OAL of 1.250" using a 14 pound recoil spring.
	I use this on steel plates and recovery time is fast. 
	Best of all, I get no leading.
	Thanks for all the advice you gave me when answering my questions. 
	You have gained a new customer.
	Semper Fi
	Tony (02/09/11)

    I received my 6,000 .38 caliber 148 grain DBBWC bullets over the weekend.  
    I loaded up some in .38 Special cases and about 3.3 grains of American Select.  
    Shooting a Colt Python 6 inch and so far so good!  
    Thanks for your quality product and shipping.  
    Andy R. (02/09/11)

Good morning,
    I just received my first order of Penn bullets in the form of .40/165grain TCBB and I am well pleased.
    I may opt for .400 sizing in future. We'll see how these work out in KAHR polygonal barrel. Care and attention with Lewis Lead Remover and proper cleaning should be fine.
    Bullets look great, shipping was prompt, and the price very competitive.
    I just turned 66 years old and still shoot a lot.
    I have cast many, many cast bullets myself starting in 1959. I don’t cast anymore but do have “an eye” for a quality cast bullet.
    I suspect I will become a regular customer of yours.
    Ray C.
Fairbanks, Alaska (02/09/11)

    You got to have a strong constitution to shoot this bullet (.44 320 TCBB SSK)! 
    23.5  H110  is what proved the most accurate.
    Five shots in a chew can lid at 15 yards free hand.
    I can't expect anymore than that ! 
    You make a very impressive product ! 
    Thank you.
    Scott B. (01/23/11)
This was done with a Super Redhawk using an extended cylinder and the bullet seated out to the farthest crimp groove.
    Not responsible for load data as provided by others.)

Hello Bob,
    I was throwing out some of my old files when I came across this target. I thought you might appreciate seeing it. It was shot off-hand from 25 yards at Miami Valley Shooting Grounds from a Freedom Arms Premier Grade 7.5 inch barrel .454 Casull Revolver using the Penn Truncated Cone Bevel Base 300 Grain Bullet - 04/24/1990.
    For the past several years I've been using your 350 grain Casull bullet. I think it's great. I only have a thousand or so left so I'll be sending you an order for more of them soon.
    Thanks for making great bullets!
    Charles D. (01/15/11)

Hi Bob!
	I hope all is well with you and yours.
	Here's the results from chronographing your .45 Caliber 200 grain Truncated  Cone bullet.  
	These were sized 0.454" to more closely match the large throats on my model 25-2.  
	I weighed a 20 piece sample to see how they stacked up and came up with an average weight of 205.99 grains.  
	So using 205 as a nominal weight I only need to get 805 fps to meet the IDPA power floor.
	The bullets look great!  
	Accuracy is much improved over the last test, though I'm still at a loss to explain the low velocities.
	Thanks for your help!
	Gerald B.
	Little Meadows, PA (10/18/10)

Hi Bob,

    Hope all is well. 
    Just wanted to let you know that I was fortunate enough to win the SASS Northeast Regional Championship - The Mason Dixon Stampede IX - using Penn Bullets! 
    The bullets continue to work smoothly through my guns and were dead-on accurate. 
    Thanks again for such a great product! 
    Look forward to talking to you soon. 
    Take care.
    Rick Fox (Biloxi Bob) (10/16/10)

    After months of tail chasing, fire lapping, polishing, barrel "seasoning", trying various powders, etc. those .360" bullets you sent me tamed the group size of this Blackhawk.  It's dramatically better. 
    Thank you for accommodating me on that.
    I'll put hard numbers to the improvement at some point, but meanwhile I  want to get an order placed with you.
    Dennis S. (09/07/10)

    I just wanted to report back to you what has been happening with my leading issues in .357 and .44 and ask a couple questions. 
    I was using Missouri bullets in both these calibers and was getting very bad leading issues. 
    I ordered some bullets from Penn and here is what I can report back.  In my .357, I have no leading whatsoever to speak of anymore, that's done. 
    One question I have for you is regarding the 10mm and lead bullets.  I'd like to give it a try in my G20.  I know about the controversy regarding lead bullets in a Glock barrel but I also know that many people shoot lead bullets without an issue. I'd like to give it a try and was wondering if I could order a "sample" pack to see if I encountered any issues.  I really don't want to buy an aftermarket barrel so if it won't work I'll just continue to use jacketed bullets for now.
    Please let me know if any of these requests are possible, what you need from me, and thanks for a great product.
    Gary B. (07/28/10)


    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Penn Bullets. 
As a Cowboy Action Shooter, I go through quite a few rounds in both practice and matches. 
I have been shooting your bullets in every major match for nearly ten years and they have performed flawlessly and with great success!
I currently shoot the .38 Caliber 125 Grain TCBB bullets.  They function very smoothly and have been extremely reliable through my ’73 lever action rifle.  In fact, I have never had a malfunction using these bullets.  They are also the most accurate bullets I ever shot in my Cowboy guns.
When I shoot my .44mag Ruger Vaqueros, my favorite bullet is the .44 Caliber 180 Grain TCBB.  They recoil lightly but they’re spot-on accurate and have no problems with any knock-down targets. 
    Thanks for making such a fantastic product!  I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
    “Biloxi Bob” (07/25/10)

    I just wanted to write and thank you for my bullets.
    I ordered 250 of the 350 grain SSK for my 45colt and I am impressed.
    I wish now I had ordered more and will shortly.
    I am going to use them this weekend on a hogventure.
    I checked the 75 that I loaded for the hunt and they were within a grain +/- of each other and they were all uniform in shape and size.
    They loaded easy and shot great.
    I free handed the sighting in and @ 40 yards I had some three holers then would get excited and mess it up.
    I am wondering if you have any objections if I am successful this weekend if an article and maybe photos is published in a national magazine?
    Larry (07/21/10)

    I just sent you an order for two bullets.
    The first bullet is 2,000 of the .45 caliber 200 grain SWCBB Premium grade, standard size.  I am almost out of a previous order of this bullet.  This is the best .45 bullet that I have ever shot.  This will be my standard 45 bullet from now on.
    The second bullet is your .44 caliber 200 grain RNFPBB Premium Grade, Special Size of .430".  My 44/40 Marlin has a bore diameter of .4288".  Is .430" the right size to pick?
    Roger C. (07/15/10)

    I have just returned from shooting my first Penn bullets. I'm thrilled. I am especially happy with the .45 caliber Thunderhead.
    Tonight I realized that I am a better shot than I had thought. I had been plugging away for a couple of months and improvement in my group sizes seemed to stop. I was frustrated. The truth is (I'm sure you could guess this) that I was still improving my skill, but I couldn't tell with the lousy bullets I was shooting.
    Tonight I shot several groups very much like the fifteen shot .45 caliber Ruger group you picture on your website.
    It felt like I was shooting into a funnel.
    I am writing to ask what the price would be for a 70 pound box of the 270 grain .45 caliber Thunderhead bullets. I don't want to shoot anything else.
    Thank you for making me feel like Annie Oakley.
    Marlene H. (07/15/10)

    I just want to tell you that the information you have about every bullet you make is outstanding and it made my decision a lot easier. 
    I looked at a lot of bullet company's websites and you are second to none. 
    Plus the discounts you give to law enforcement, military and disabled veterans is, well I can't say enough, you should be very proud of what you do for them. 
    I look forward to using your outstanding products.
    Thank you for your outstanding customer service.
    David L. (07/06/10)

    Received the final shipment of bullets.  Thanks! 
    I appreciate your good work and the bullets are great. 
    Loading them in the finicky 44-40 case was slick with absolutely no problems.
    Again, thanks for your fine bullets. 
Garland W. (06/19/10)

    Your advice of crimping a .45-caliber 200-grain SWCBB at .469" at an OAL of 1.25" was right on the money - it's one of the most accurate loads I've ever used in a handgun.
    My order of your .45-caliber 230-grain TCBB bullets just arrived, and I'm wondering if you have a magic formula for that one as well ...
    John G. (06/11/10)

Hi Mr. Palermo:
    I got my bullet order today (.32 caliber 95 grain SWCBB with a diameter of .314"
) and they are perfect. 
    They fit my cylinder just right, so I think I'll get some good shooting from my .32-20 now.
    Thank you very much. 
    Bill G. Sr. (05/15/10)

    Here is a picture of my water buffalo I shot with my custom .475 Linebaugh.
    Your 420 grain cast bullet, propelled by 26 grains of H-110 for 1365 fps, did the trick.
    Thanks for a well made bullet.
    Please remember to send me 1000 next run. 
    Thanks again,
    Earle D. (05/11/10)


Hi Mr. Palermo:
    I purchased some of your .357 bullets a while back and have been shooting them. They were the 158 grain truncated cone and the 125 grain truncated cone
    So far I have have shot about 500 of the 158s with 16 grains of Hodgdon H110 and a Wolfe magnum primer. 
    I have given some to others loaded like that as well on the range, smiles abound with a little adrenaline rush. Nice little kick and a very accurate round. No leading at all with my S&W 4" 7 shot revolver. 
    I am a novice at pistol shooting but am gaining on my accuracy. At a hundred yards I aimed at a 3" rock and hit it within 12 shots with iron sights and a free stance.  It was probably sheer luck but like golf it will keep me coming back! The other shots were within a foot or two all around based on the puffs of dust.
    How many of the 158s will pack in a 70 pound box for shipping?
    Thanks and best regards.
    Dave M. (05/03/10)

    Well guys, you are winners!!!
    To remind you who I am; I picked up 1,000 .45 200 grain RNFPBB bullets Wednesday morning along with some 9mm SWCBB and TCBB samples.
    I can’t believe I could wait till today to test fire the .45’s but attached is my target with a 15 shot group at about 40' - off hand. I’ve got to say I’m happy!!!!
    I loaded the .45 Colts with 9 grains of Unique, CCI 300 primer in Starline Brass trimmed to length for consistent crimp; roll crimped with my RCBS Cowboy crimping die then full length factory crimp die to size the whole cartridge.
    I’ll be back … and I shared where I got the bullets with everybody at the range.
    I’ve got to get some of those Match SWCBB bullets for my .45 ACP and see how tight those make my groups.
    Bill B. (04/15/100)

     I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased I  am  with one of your products. 
    I recently ordered some .45 200 grain SWCBB  Match bullets from your company. 
    Yesterday My son and I went to the  range with a test batch of reloads to check feeding and firing  reliability. 
    I loaded my rounds exactly in accordance with the  specifications on your web site. 
    Feeding in both my Springfield  Operator and my son's Kimber Compact Stainless was flawless and  accuracy was superb. 
    Congratulations and continued success.
    LTC Chester A. K. Jr.
    U.S. Regular Army (Retired) (04/13/10)

Hey Bob,
    Tried your bullets. I like 'em!
    The 165 40's are definitely more accurate than the 180's I have been using. Thank you for that!
    9's and 45's are also good to go!
    Pleasure doing business with you.
    If I have any questions, I know who to call.
    Take care.
    Dave (03/01/10)

Hi Bob,
    I have received the Ruger .480 bullets and, as usual, you do the best job, by far.
    This is my second order and I am sure that it won't be my last.
    Best regards,
    Peter M. (02/05/10)

    I just returned from the range where I tested your 9mm 115gr SWC.  
    I must say I was quite surprised to find that the bullet held a 2.50" group at 50 yards.
    I ran 25 rounds through the gun all with the same group results.  I think I can get it tighter.
    If people ask I used the following recipe:
        115gr Penn SWC
        5.2 grains of Power Pistol
        OAL 1.030"
        Case head to the shoulder of the SWC .783"
        Primer WSP
        Gun:  SA 1911A1 9mm
    Gunsmith performed various work to improve accuracy.
    Thanks again fro a great job.
    Kind regards,
    Jim (11/25/09)

    Great bullet!  (185 Grain Double Bevel Base Wadcutter) Very smooth finish and lube with teeny weight variation.  I am getting very good groups at about 20 yards in my 50th Anniversary Ruger Blackhawk.
    I need to take a tool to the range next time to readjust sights then I can tell you about point of impact stuff.
    But I am happy.
    BTW, I am shooting a light target load with 5.0 grains of TiteGroup in 44 mag case.
    Tom (10/26/09)

Hello Mr. Palermo,
    I received my shipment yesterday - thank you very much. 
    The quality looks excellent. 
    I'm looking forward to getting these loaded and heading out to the range.
Best Regards,
    Mike F. (07/10/09)

The match grade 45 SWCs are wonderful. 
I shot in a 2700 Saturday and  they held a really tight group at  50 and 25 yards. 
I used Bulls Eye light load (3.8gr) and a C.O.L. of 1.250" and a crimp of .471". 
Nice workmanship and consistency.
I'm going to do a little bench testing with some new loads and will let you know more about the ballistics.
Jim L. (07/10/09)

Hi Bob,
    I have been using your bullets for a while now. What a great product.
    I use your 38/158 for 38 special loads.
    Can I push these around 1200fps in my 357?
    If so, do you have any recommendations for powder type and charge.
    I have been using WSPM primers.
    Thank you,
    Mark W. (07/07/09)

    I recently purchased 10,000 of Penn's bullets in 44 and 45 caliber. I was amazed at what was delivered to my home.
Well packaged, quickly delivered and a VERY high quality product.
The average weight of 20 of the 44 cal 200 Grain RNFPBB was slightly low (averaged 197 grains) but the weight of the 20 bullets that I weighed varied only 1.2 grains in the extreme spread.
    I took some Hornady 44 caliber 240 grain jacketed bullets that I had and their weight variation was 0.7 grains in the extreme spread.
    I am very impressed with Penn bullets.
    Also the over all quality of the bullet is very good and the lube ring completely full with no voids or gaps, NONE. So far I have loaded several hundred and shot most. They have worked well and using them in 44 special and 45 ACP and long colt I have seen very little lead build up in the barrel.
These people know how to make a very good product, if you buy from them, you will be happy with your purchase.
Ozzie (03/25/09)

    Got my order of 12,000 158 gr .38 TCBB bullets today.  Thanks! -- As  always the quality is excellent and I was pleasantly surprised on how  quick you were able to fill the order.
    I'm an NRA Action Pistol Shooter and I'll be shooting your bullets at  the 2009 Bianchi Cup National Action Pistol Championship.  Your  bullets are helping me move up in classification, just got my Expert  classification card in metallic sights division last week.
    Andy R. (02/01/09)

Mr. Palermo,
I just received my order in the mail.  The shipping was fast and you were very helpful with my order.  When I  opened the boxes the bullets looked great.  They all had lube and none of them were deformed that I could make out.  The bullets look to be of great quality and I will be ordering more from you when I run out of these.
David M. (06/03/08)

Wanted to thank you for a good product that I ordered in .45 caliber 230 grain hardball for my 3” Para Ordnance. I have had no problems with feed or leading using TiteGroup powder. Groups are the same with carry load of Golden Sabers and at the increased cost of shooting I have a great practice bullet.
Thanks again.
D. R. - Reading PA (04/08/08)



I just wanted to let you know that the 500 grain RNPB you make is right on the money. I love shooting my Springfield Trapdoor and enjoy reloading. Your bullets are dead on. I would like to try to get them closer to the bulls eye. Any suggestions? I have so far tried out the two aforementioned loads  and had good success  with them but they seem to be slightly high and to the right.
Thank you,
Brian D. B. (03/31/08)

Thank you for giving me the discount.  Your bullets have excellent accuracy.  I cannot find any better bullets elsewhere. 
I have placed the order through the secure web site and filled out all the information.  If there is any question, email me.
Thanks again ….
Colman K.
California, USA (03/13/2008)

Just wanted to thank you for the recent bullet order that you shipped to me last week.  I ordered 10,000 .45 ACP 200Target Grade  SWCBB.  
The turn around time was much faster than I expected and the order arrived well packed and in great condition. 
The bullets look great and I will be loading some soon to try out.
Thanks again!!

Daniel R D. Jr
Chief Instructor Fenton Lakes Sportsman's Club
NRA Training Counselor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
Michigan, USA (02/20/08)

I just received my first order from you  of .38 158grain TCBB bullets.
I have to tell you that I am VERY impressed with their quality. I have not had time to load them yet, but I am certain they will be excellent.
I have tried many brands of bullets believe me.
My order took a while, but it was well worth the wait.
Thank you.
Steve S.
Utah, USA (12/18/07)


    By the way .... your statement about the accuracy of these bullets wasn't brag. They outshoot (for me anyway) the jacketed bullets I occasionally use. They're going a ragged inch at 25 yards just putting my 629 between by legs in a supported sitting position (when 59 year old eyes are up to the job that is).
    Thanks much for your help.
    Wayne M.
    Bluffton, Indiana (11/06/07)

    Here's the 1600 lb. bull bison I shot near Hotchkiss, Colorado last November. Using your 405 gr. .45-70 cast lead RNFP bullet over 37.0 grains of IMR 3031, I dropped the bull in his tracks from 80 yards.
    The bullet entered his right shoulder, went through the lungs and heart and exited the left shoulder. I never did find the bullet but suffice to say it sure did the job. 
    The above load chrongraphed at 1700 fps. at the range in practice.
    Thanks again for making great bullets.
    Sincerely yours,
    Frank P.
    Pttsburgh, PA. (07/05/07)


    I loaded your bullets for the first time and took my new Beretta Storm Rifle to the range yesterday. I am extremely impressed with your 40 cal. 180 grain RNFPBB bullets. They are very accurate and the bullets themselves are very well made. I look forward to shooting them again next week! Please see the attached target.
Kurt (06/27/07)

Bob :
    Feel free to post this on your site.
    I received my order of 165 gr. 40 caliber bullets well ahead of expected delivery time. They are a quality product and shoot great. I had a talk with Bob when I placed the order. He was friendly and professional. Given the rising costs of components Penn Bullets are still a bargain. I doubt I can find  bullets the quality of Penn's at the price I paid for them any where else. I plan to try some rifle bullets next. Keep casting Bob!
    Tim T.
    New Paltz, NY (06/17/07)

    Just wanted to tell you that my Marlin 44 magnum 1894 is shooting good. I had no luck with other bullets except Hornadays at max velocity. Your 240 grain TCBB with 18.5 grains of IMR 4227 with a magnum primer shoots about one inch at 50 yards with mild recoil. Now the micro grove barrel with your sized .432 44 magnum is like a new rifle. From 18.5 grains to 21 grains the rifle shot the best it ever shot with lead bullets.
    Thanks  Anthony G. - Staten Island New York

    Received my .32 caliber SWCBB and I am impressed. I compared them to my bullets from another manufacturer and PennBullets beat them in every way. You are now my supplier for the Best Bullets.
    Daniel C.    (03/12/07)

    A response to this isn't necessary but wanted to let you know I just got my first order. Fantastic bullets and everything done EXACTLY as stated in your web site info.  I'll need 44 bullets later this year but just ordered more of the 38/158/TCBB ... I burn 38's by the buckets.  If you ever need a plug from a "nobody" in the handgun shooting world give me a call. Your bullets are the best I've come across for quality, value for the dollar and you do precisely what you say you will do. I don't think you can beat that!
    Wayne M.

Hi Bob,
    It's time for another bullet order from us. Can you let us know the price and delivery time for:
    3000 .38 TC 125 grain
    1500 .45 SWC 152 grain
    1000 unsized, unlubed .45 RNFP 200 grain
    By the way, I noticed on your website that your bullets were used to win the Pennsylvania State match. Thought you might like to know that we used your bullets to win this year's California State match (Top Ladies Traditional and Top Men's Duelist) and the 2005 South Dakota State match (Overall Lady and 1st place Men's Gunfighter)!  It must have been the bullets, right?  :-)
    Kara F. (12/27/06)

  I just wanted to write to you and tell you of my utter amazement with the HIGH quality castings of your Thunderhead bullets. I am thrilled with what arrived and you can bet that you will have ALL, and I do mean ALL, of my cast bullet purchases from this date forward. I am extremely pleased with the functioning of the Thunderheads in my Ruger New Vaquero. They turn a more lightly built Ruger into a hunting handgun to be reckoned with when dealing with the bayou hogs down here. Also, this year Alabama has opened a season on Alligator, (very limited number of tags). If I were to be so lucky as to make that draw, the Thunderhead would be the bullet of choice for me.
  There is one issue that I was saddened to note. Thunderheads will not chamber in my late model Winchester '94 Trapper. I never expected them to feed, but had hoped they would chamber for that all important first shot. You might want to make a note of that on the web site. Also, feel free to use this email in any way to promote your fine product. I'll send pictures of the first pig to fall!

Mobile, AL

Dear folks at Penn bullets,
    I have been a bullseye shooter and casting my own bullets for 35 years.
    After trying a 1000 of your bullets, I think it is time to stop casting my own and switch to yours.
    I purchased the ones I tried from you at the Harrisburg gun show. They were the 45 ACP 200 grain H&G 68 SWCBB.
    Questions: Will you continue to be at the Harrisburg gun show?
    Would you be able to supply me with say 3 to 5 thousand a year with no trouble?
    Are you going to be in business for say the next 10 years?
    How much would it cost for shipping to have say 1000 rounds sent to me at a time?
    Any deals on sending larger quantities say 5000?
    I am a Master Bullseye shooter, Pres. Hundred, Distinguished and 2600 shooter.
    This is a big step for me.
    Your bullets seem as good as mine if not better!
    Please respond.
    I would be selling all my equipment and lead.
    Greg N.

    About 4 or 5 months ago, I ordered some of your 340 grain SSK "Casull" plain base bullets. I had heard good things about your bullets from others, but as an experienced bullet caster, I really did not expect anything different than what I got with my heavy gaschecked Lyman and LBT moulds. I couldn't have been more
surprised. When I finally got around to shooting those I loaded up in my 6 inch Casull, loaded with 24 grains of 2400, bore sighted because I just mounted a new Burris scope, I shot the center ring out of a 50 yard target with the first 5 rounds. I was astonished. I then moved over to the 100 yard range, fired a sighter, corrected windage, and then proceeded to fire a sub 3 inch group at 100 yards using the Burris ballistic plex to get the correct elevation.
    Now this is the first load I tried with your bullets, with no load development at all. The only thing I requested when I ordered these bullets was that they be sized to 452, since that is what my cylinder throats are reamed to. With a bit of load development, I bet I can yet improve on those 100 yard groups.
    I am extremely pleased with this performance and thank you for an excellent product.
    Ken K.

    I used one of your 320 grain SSK bullets in my Ruger Super Redhawk (44 magnum) to kill an 8-point white tail buck at 102 yards during my recent hunt in Texas. I measured the distance with my laser range finder. The round hit the deer just behind the shoulder. It center punched a rib on entry and center punched a rib on exit. The exit wound may have been slightly larger than the entrance wound. Expansion was minimal, and penetration was excellent. After he was hit, the deer ran about 50 yards and collapsed.
    I used new R-P brass and deburred the flash holes. The bullet was seated all the way out (2nd crimping groove). I used 22.5 grains of Winchester 296, a CCI 350 Large Pistol Magnum primer, and 3/4 turn on my Lee Carbide Factory Crimp Die for a fairly tight crimp. This load clocked 1,360 feet per second from my 7.5" Super Redhawk. Early in my experiments with this bullet, I tried a 23.0 grain load of W296, and this one clocked 1,382 feet per second. Obviously, the 22.5 grain load was ample for the task.
    The Ruger is equipped with a 4X Leupold scope. The secret is holding the beast still and keeping the same grip of the weapon for each shot.
    Leading of the barrel during my practice time at the range was not severe and cleaning was not a big problem. To clean the barrel, I used a dry bore brush with a piece of "Chore Boy" copper sponge wrapped around it. After a few strokes, the barrel was clean.
    As you told me it would, your bullet worked well.
    John D.
    Woodworth, LA

    Had to let you know that your bullets performed great and your recommendation to use XMP-5744 was right on the money. I couldn't be happier. I worked up a load with your 500 grain PBRN and settled on 28.0 grains of 5744. The other loads were all almost identical in group size, but the 28.0 grain load was the highest I tried and it had the flattest trajectory as well as the tightest group. Out of a 5 shot group, at 100 yards, the first three grouped about 0.5" and the last two opened the group up to just over 1". That's at 100 yards with a tang sight. I am hooked on your bullets and will be ordering more soon (my order of 250 is dwindling fast). Thanks for a great product as well as useful information on powder selection.
    I am planning on trying black powder in my Sharps this winter. I would like to shoot the same bullet with SPG lube. Do you think this bullet is too hard to black powder?
    Tim V.

    Just fired the Sharps using your bullets and the new load (5744 AA powder) you recommended. Wow what a difference! Got a nice cloverleaf the first three out of the pipe. Consistently groups into 2 inches at 100 yards. Can't wait to venture into the woods with it. Thanks.
    One last question for a while. Do you have a ballistic coefficient calculated for this bullet? I could probably figure something out, but I am lazy with math! Wanted to run a ballistic chart on the computer for trajectory and sighting in.
    Hope to place another order in January!
    Gene M.
    Sharps .45/70 500 grain LFPRN Penn Bullets

    The bullets worked perfect. I put together a load with 5.5 grain W231 and your bullet in the 32-20 Winchester that worked great. I estimated the velocity to be around 1150 to 1200 fps. This load would shoot around 2" at 50 yards. It was the first one I tried and it worked well enough for what he needed. Attached is a picture of my friend, John D. and a 6'4", 120# female mountain lion that was harvested in CO. The first round entered the front right shoulder and penetrated nearly the entire body length then lodged in the left rear ham. The lion jumped from the tree and ran to about 80 yards when John shot her again in the lungs. A minute later she expired. The bullet from the ham was recovered and looks nearly new with only a little nick on the nose.
Thanks! I'll see what I can put together for an article on the web site.
    See you at the next gun show.
    Dan B.

    Got my 2.5 K bullets order and have loaded and fired 250. I got a 100 % acceptance rate in the go/no go gage and no rejects in the feeding/firing. This is much better than your competitor's. I have found my new permanent bullet supply house. I am a customer for life!
    Greg P.

Hello Bob;
    It's been about six months now, since I purchased the 50,000 from you. I am sorry for not contacting you sooner. Our bullseye season is well under way and we've done substantial testing of your bullets. I can't say enough good about them. They shoot great. Fabulous groups, and "no leading" of the barrels. I have converted many of the old Star bullet shooters, and I may be putting together a purchase in July for pick up on my way back from Camp Perry. Let know what the current pricing is for the 180 gr. .45 in the match grade. I'll work on the quality and let you know. I've got buyers for approximately 25,000 now. I'll see if I can't double that by July.
    Thanks for a great product
    Jerry K.

Hello Bob;
    Hope you are doing well.
    The last price in November, 2004 was $40.00 / 1000 for your match grade 180 grain .45's. I got 50,000 then.
    So far, I've got orders for 30,000. I am leaving for Camp Perry on the 11th. I'll confirm the final figure before I leave and let you know. I'll probably try to make the pick up on the 18th on my way back from Ohio. I'll send you a check before I leave for the final count.
    Also, the shooters are very pleased with your bullets, and scores for most have gone up since they switched from the Stars.
    I've gotten several ransom rest groups as small as 1-1/2 inches. Barrel leading is minimal. Leading was a big problem with the Stars.
    Jerry K.

    I've been shooting a Beretta 92FS for about 6 months. I've shot factory ammo and reloaded bullets from a couple of companies and have been somewhat disappointed with the accuracy. I realize that a combat pistol is not a precision shooter, but still ... I've put a couple hundred rounds of your 120 grain TC with 4 grains of Red Dot through my pistol now and have gotten the gun to shoot 2-21/2” groups at 25 yards (from a rest of course); this is considerably better than anything else that I have reloaded or shot. You have earned yourself a satisfied customer.
    Stephen L.

    I'm gonna tell you some-um about your 38 caliber 100 grain WC projectiles.

    Synopsis: First I wanna tell you that they are excellent; specifically, all that I weighed were 105.5 grains; within plus or minus 1/2 grain; very important as in "accuracy". Nice sprue plate cut off. Well filled out and not distorted via over sizing. The lubricant grooves are completely filled and no lube on top or bottom. Ideally sized to .358"

    Note: I was the instructor after graduation from the PA. Gun Smith School and taught / graded bullet casting.

    Post Script: Don't mail the 100 grain swaged HBWC to me. I'll probably catch you at one of the gun shows. Hope it's one with a good kitchen!
    I am, George D. S. and fraternally yours.


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