USPS Flat Rate Shipping

    This incredible bargain for shipping small heavy packages is the best deal in shipping currently available for our customers.
    Shipping costs will be calculated as follows:
    $15.00 for packages under $50.00
    $16.00 for packages over $51.00 to $100.00 
    $17.00 for packages over $101.00 to $200.00
    $18.00 for packages over $201.00.
   These prices reflect the flat rate ship cost plus the varying cost of insurance and the credit card fees associated with this part of the charge. Prices have been rounded up to cover some of the cost incurred for the amount of filament tape we use to secure all the boxes. There are no handling or packing fees.
    Any package that is lost or damaged will be replaced by us as soon as possible and I will process all claims from here. You must retain the damaged package as sometimes the Post Office requests the package to be returned to them. Contact me directly about any lost or damaged package.
    Some people are still confused over the 70 pound packages that can be shipped thru the Flat Rate system. Some will calculate the weight of several bullets and have the weight fall under the 70 pound limit. Sometimes you hit the variety limit of the box before you hit the weight limit.
    I can put a maximum of three 22.5 pound bullet boxes inside the shipping carton. The remaining two pounds is for box and packing weight.
    You can order any bullet in 22.5 pound packs to mix or match within the shipping carton. Bullets when sold and packed this way are charged by weight and not quantity so the final count in each box will be done to the maximum weight.
    If you have any further questions about 70 pound boxes please feel free to call me at 412-767-4670.

Thank you for letting me be of service to you, Bob Palermo/ President.

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