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07/16/19 UPDATE

Here is a picture of Amira Sleem and Bob Palermo celebrating Bob’s 65th birthday at Grieco’s restaurant.

Amira was heading home to Virginia from Camp Perry, Ohio and had stopped by to pick up some more bullets for her matches and we convinced her to join us for the celebration.

After knowing her for several years we finally got a chance to meet in person.
She has a fascinating story of her life’s journey that started out with her parents wanting her to go to medical school and become a doctor to becoming a detective in homicide for the Richmond, VA police department.

When she applied for the police department she was told that she would never be able to fire a gun and qualify for the department.
They were almost right as her shooting skills only showed a poor performance.
The training officer for the department was the late Jerry Keefer, a personal friend and customer of Bob and Penn Bullets.

Jerry was a great and well respected Bullseye pistol-smith who built many championship guns for competitors across the country.
Jerry saw something in Amira’s shooting that made him take her under his wing.

As he trained her she scored a perfect 100 in qualifying.
Jerry built custom guns for Amira and had her compete against the nation’s best.
So far as of today Amira has won two national titles at Camp Perry using our bullets.

Jerry passed from cancer late in 2017, the same year I had my near fatal heart surgery.

Since I had not heard from Amira during my recovery in 2018 I reached out to her and found that she was just starting the process of setting up her own Dillon 650 reloading press when I called.

I told her that I would support her in her reloading efforts and she felt that Jerry was sending her a message that he was still looking out for her.
As I am often fond of saying, "God is in the details of our lives in more ways than we can imagine". She most assuredly agreed.

We had a great time and she shared many targets that she photographed and that she will be forwarding along to us.

In our discussion of Bullseye shooting she said that our bullets gave her the confidence to shoot as well as she has in competitions.

She related an issue with the custom S&W model 52 that Jerry built. The bullets being used, which were soft swaged hollow base .38 bullets, were very prone to fouling and accuracy issues. A hollow base .38 is the standard for the model 52 for Bullseye shooting. Star bullets out of Indiana was the standard for this bullet for many Bullseye competitors but they had closed and the versions being offered today are not as good. Our cast 148 grain bullet is good which she uses for practice, but it doesn’t equal the accuracy standard as set by the best hollow base bullets in days past.

After giving this some thought I believe I can make a hollow base wadcutter that will equal or exceed the past standard.

While I have always been a cast bullet manufacturer, I did have the opportunity several years back to buy a Corbin Hydro Swage Press. The die I purchased for the machine was to make .38 hollow base wadcutters.

The machine is slow, so I abandoned the idea of trying to offer large volumes of these types of bullets with this machine as the volume producers used large punch presses to make such bullets quickly. Star used to do 17 million of them a year. Their land was bought and there were some rumors of others to buy and move the plant but to the best of my knowledge it never happened.

In discussing the number of bullets needed for a match, Amira said it would be ninety bullets. This is well within the ability of the machine so, I am dusting it off and getting it into production.
I should be able to produce a couple of thousand of these per week for competitors to use in matches.
Amira will be our tester and if it works out then I will be offering these on limited basis to our customers.

On another note, we have begun an e-mail marketing program that we will be sending out in groups to our customers.
The marketing program will offer specials and friend referral discounts to our customers as well as updates on new products and services.
If you wish to be included in the program then please send us an e-mail to

We are starting out slowly with five hundred emails being sent out each month. Many customers may not see a special from us for some time so if you want to receive a current e-mail announcement from us please drop us a line.

Finally, there will be three new bullets being brought into the lineup.
One is new medium length nose .45 180 grain bullet that is amazingly accurate. Amira will be testing this one as well.

The next is a new Thunderhead bullet in .500 S&W at about 440 grains. I'll be doing the first test casting very shortly.

Finally, I should have the replacement for the .44 205 grain TCPB bullet in production shortly. We've had many requests for this bullet.

So till next time, from the new senior on the block,

Bob Palermo - President


04/05/19 UPDATE


Long distance shooters of large caliber guns like 45/70 need bullets that meet the demands of such shooting.
Most of the shooting is done with bullets in the 405 grain to 530 grain range depending on the rate of twist of the rifle.
45/70’s have run a twist rate of 1 in 22 to 1 in18 that will stabilize those bullets.

Various designs have been developed for such shooting and those that cast their own do so with a single cavity mold for minimum weight variance of those large bullets.

In examining the casting of our own bullets, I realized that the most weight variation between bullets was in the biggest heaviest weights. While for most generalized shooting the weight variance of several grains was not an issue.
In talking to those that were doing long distance shooting I found that many were weighing each bullet and segregating the bullets into groups based on their weight variance.
I felt that I could minimize the weight variance by going to a one mold single cavity casting of each different heavy bullet.
The process takes longer but insures a much higher degree of consistency and minimal weight variation.

In addition I can add more bullet designs into the line up as I only have to purchase one block instead of a set of blocks which is of course much more costly.

Those that want to take advantage of the single mold casting option just need to note that request in the special instructions area.
There will be a small added fee for this option due to the time required to cast a volume of bullets for an order.

Other calibers that can take advantage of this option will be taken under consideration so please e-mail me your requests.

I can also offer this option for those that wish to purchase their own custom design molds.
Ballisti-Cast and Accurate Molds and probably some others offer molds that will work with our casting machines so this will expand custom bullet options for our customers.
Please consult with me first before ordering any such custom molds to be sure of compatibility.


Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

09/12/18 UPDATE

It’s been just over one year since my heart surgery and the recovery has gone quite well and things are now stable.

The shop is back to full production capabilities and I am back to working a regular schedule every week.
Fridays will continue to be a short day ending around 1-2 PM EST.

To that end I wish to thank all the customers that were so patient in getting their orders during this time.

I will be implementing some production changes to improve the speed of our delivery of product.
An increase in bullets cast awaiting to be sized has been started. This will allow us to fulfill special sizing orders more easily.
In addition, standard sized bullets in stock is being increased as well to speed delivery of those orders as well.
A new schedule is being developed for specialty bullets and a published schedule date will be available for those bullets, so customers can see when those bullets will be available through out the year.
In addition, there will be increases in specialty bullets cast bullets awaiting to be custom sized.

Check out the specials link for The Big Cowboy Action and Target Grade Bullet Sale that will run for a limited time.

As always, we appreciate your business.
Thanks –RP.


Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

01/04/18 UPDATE

I wanted to say THANKS to all who wished us well thru the holidays and during my recovery.

To that end I am quite pleased to report that I am doing very well and that my checkups with my cardiologist have been excellent.

I feel great overall and with the new heart valves my breathing has improved tremendously and I no longer need to use an inhaler to clear up my breathing issues.

Work at the shop has been going well and I have worked my way back to almost a full working schedule. Most of the backlog of orders has been cleared and with some additional help I will be completely caught up by the first month of the year.

Starting in January, I will be running a special for the upcoming shooting season as a special "Thank You" to our customers. Details of the special will be under the Specials link on the home page.

Now that things are returning back to some semblance of normal for this place I look forward to getting back to some new bullet offerings that had been put on hold during all the events of the last several months. These will include some .44 bullets as well as a new .500 and a new .41 Thunderhead.

Coated bullets have been coming on very strong and many of the new bullets will be coated only designs. Remember that any bullet we offer can be had in a coated version. I will have a link up shortly on the web site about the coated process.

On another note, many have asked about the new ammunition law in California and how that affects reloading component sales. The law applies to loaded ammunition and not to components so California customers can continue to order and have shipped directly to them their components. So that is good news for our California customers.

I look forward to a great year in 2018 and wish everyone a great New Year as well.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

10/19/17 UPDATE

For those of you that don't follow Penn Bullets on Facebook I want to bring everybody up to date on what has transpired these past couple of months.

As I mentioned in the previous bulletin I was going in for surgery but did not elaborate on the type of surgery.

Back in 2006 I had an Aortic Valve replacement in the heart with a tissue type valve. The surgery went well and I was home in 6 days.

The valve has a life span of 10-15 years and mine was going bad about 11 years in. At the time of the 2006 surgery the mitral was damaged a bit and they put a reinforcing ring on the mitral. This time around the mitral had become bad as well and I was facing a 2 valve replacement surgery.

Due to several factors, including the fact of having one kidney (I lost one to cancer in 2007), I was considered high risk for the surgery.

Fortunately I live here in Pittsburgh where UPMC resides and is a world class health system. The head of the cardiovascular team is Dr. Gleason and he would be the one doing my surgery.

Without the surgery I only had months to live with the bad valve.

We discussed the risk options but there was really no choice but to go for it if I expected to have any kind of a future.

I went in on August 18th and expected that I would be out within 10 days from the hospital.

The surgery in the words of the Dr. Gleason went textbook perfect.
The problem was I did not read that book.

That evening Dr. Gleason came in to remove the tube that was down my throat and I was awake to hear him and was thinking that it would be good to get the tube out so I could speak.

At this point I crashed and my lungs had filled almost completely with fluid and they almost lost me right then and there.

The doctors immediately put me into a paralytic state and went to work on me doing everything possible to save my life. Dr. Gleason and his team stabilized me and I moved ever so slowly away from the edge. Dr. Gleason spent the night watching over me after the procedures.

I was kept out and paralyzed for a week on a ventilator and kidney dialysis and with a tracheotomy.

I woke up in ICU with my hands secured to the bed rails unaware of the time that had lapsed. As I came to I said to myself that I was still alive so the surgery must have gone OK.

Every doctor involved told me how incredibly close I came to not making it back.

I have no doubt that the Good Lord was looking over me and my family during this most difficult of times as He has always looked over me thru all my health issues over the years.

To that end I wish to thank everybody that was aware of what was going on and for all the prayers and well wishes that were sent. I am certain that HE had heard those prayers.

I spent a total of 3 weeks in the ICU in bed as they got me off of dialysis and the ventilator. Physical therapy had come in and got me out of bed and to my surprise I could hardly stand and I could not walk.

I was sent to a step down unit for one week where the best I could do was sit upright on the edge of the bed and everything else was in a wheelchair.

I was transported from the surgical hospital to another hospital in the system for acute rehabilitation. I spent almost 4 weeks there doing 3 - 4 hours per day of PT and OT training to regain control over my muscles. At the end of the rehab I was able to walk 200 feet with a walker and had regained motor control of my upper arms.

I was then sent home where I continue to receive therapy and nursing visits twice a week for the next several weeks.

I have, with the help of my wife, her sister, and one employee, reopened the shop after having been closed for 10 weeks.

I can now supervise production and we are starting to get orders moving again. However, I am limiting my hours in the shop while I continue to recover.

Currently the shop will be open from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday thru Thursday and I will close on Friday by 3:00 PM EST.

Any orders that were active pending before the surgery will be finished first and then we will start to tackle the orders that have come in during the last 10 weeks.

Extended time frames will be in effect for the next few months and I appreciate the patience and well wishes of all of our customers.

I will keep everyone in my prayers and updated on my recovery.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -



09/13/17 UPDATE

Due to complications from my recent surgery it will be the last of September (or possibly later) before the shop is opened and normal production resumes.

We thank you for your prayers and understanding.

Keep checking the PENN BULLETS Facebook page for additional information.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

08/14/17 UPDATE

Lots of news to report so let’s get to it.

First off; a new coating system is in place.

Having tried various coating processes like the poly coats, and the Hy-Tech with the baked-on finish, and some coatings with and without the need for a baking process I was not 100% pleased with any of the coatings in use out there. While all the coatings for the most part did a good job of reducing smoke and fouling (although not always) the coatings due to their nature of being baked or dried did so unevenly and the coatings were not distributed evenly on the surface of the bullet causing some loss of accuracy over the same bullet with a wax lube. Baked coatings had to be done correctly and some companies cut the cure time to speed production and the result was not good with reports of burning smells and fouling occurring in addition to the loss of accuracy.

Research led me to discuss the issue with some of the biggest names in coating technology and I discovered that one company had a coating that was expressly made for military ammunition. Another company had developed a very high tech coating process that was in use on .50 caliber sniper rounds for the military.

There was a commonality in the application process and I was sent various samples of materials to try. I settled on a coating that goes on extraordinarily even and dries almost instantly during the process thus eliminating the unevenness of all the other coatings that plague accuracy.

The process is a two-coat process that applies a coating then the bullets are sized and then a second coat is applied to finish.

The coating has an extremely low co- efficient of friction and the bullets are very slick.

This coating can be had on any of the bullets in the lineup.

I will have pictures and pricing up some time next month.
I will be closing for a period of one week starting on August 18th for an upcoming surgical procedure that will limit my ability to be in the shop. I will be able to answer the phone starting on the 28th of August. My exact return to work date won’t be known till after the 28th.

I have a lot of bullets that have been cast ahead for this time and the crew will be able to size and lube and coat bullets for orders during this time. Some casting will take place but some specialty bullets may have to wait till I can get back to the shop to supervise their manufacture.

I will then be taking some personal time off in September or October to take a break from work and I will post that on the Facebook page when it happens. 

So keep on shootin’ straight and true.

Till next update - RP.

Keep checking the PENN BULLETS Facebook page for additional information.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -


01/29/16 UPDATE

Coated Bullets & New Shipping Procedures / Costs

Coated bullets are doing very well and I will have a detailed section up on the website very soon. In addition, I will have several new groove-less bullet designs that will be put into production over the next few months.

Remember that ANY bullet in the lineup can be ordered in a coated version.

There will also be a new .300 Blackout bullet (around 220 grains) featuring a true Spitzer VLD design that will be a coated bullet as well.

On another note there is a new change in our packaging of the shipping cartons provided by USPS.
Recently there has been an increase in damaged packages by the USPS.
As always I will process and replace all damaged package claims from here for the customer. Please remember to retain the damaged package until the claim has been settled.
To help the safe arrival of product to our customers I have gone to a different bullet box for packing inside the shipping carton. This new box fits precisely within the shipping carton and is a 275 pound test heavy wall bullet box over our previous 200 pound test thin wall box.
I can fit three of these new bullet boxes inside the master shipping carton and I can put 22.5 pounds of product inside each bullet box. This will change the number of different bullet styles that we put inside the shipping carton from four to three.

I will also be using the regional rate A and B boxes now available from USPS for single box orders that do not exceed 15 or 20 pounds respectively.

There was a rate increase from USPS for the flat rate boxes as of 1/17/2016.
All shipping prices on the web site have been updated to reflect this increase.

Keep checking the PENN BULLETS Facebook page for additional information.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

09/30/15 UPDATE

Coated Bullets

Coated bullets have come of age once again with several different processes having been developed.

Coated bullets are not new as we had tried some coating technologies in the past about thirty years with varying degrees of success.

Bullet Master Lube was the first that I recall which came out with a moly coating that claimed 3000 fps with no leading on cast rifle bullets.

While the lube did work, the degree of success varied with the results in accuracy being from good to horrible. Much of this had more to do with the bullets designs rather than the coating.

The Bullet Master lube faded away but some cast bullet manufacturers embraced the technology and stared offering moly coated bullets as an alternative or as an exclusive item in their offerings.

The problem associated with that moly coating was that its application used some type of binder, like an epoxy, that bonded the moly to the surface of the bullet. The result was that upon firing the moly and the binder would transfer to the barrel and in some cases it would bond to the barrel, making removal very difficult if not downright impossible as reported by some.

Powder selection also seemed to play a role in all of this as some powders either made the problem better or worse depending on what was used.

Another issue that arose was that the moly, which bonded to the barrel, could absorb moisture and trap it against the barrel causing the barrel to rust.

Some years ago Moly arose again for rifle bullets use. Only this time the method of applying the moly to the bullets was by impact coating.

This was done by cleaning the jacketed bullets surface and then putting the bullets into a tumbler with the coating and impact medium and the coating would be applied thru the tumbling action into the surface of the bullet. This method worked well and avoided the binder that caused problems.

Some reported vast improvements in being able to shoot longer strings between cleanings in some guns. A friend of mine with a 7mm mag could never shoot more than ten shots before group sizes went away. After using impact coating bullets his rifle shot its best group after twenty shots with moly coated bullets.

Some time back Rick Jamieson of Shooting Times did a definitive study of moly coated bullets in rifles and used a Hawkeye bore scope to study the barrels afterwards.

If I remember the conclusions correctly he found that in some cases it helped and in others the moly did not help. Again the whole thing came down to trial and error for your particular gun.

The benchrest crowd started to embrace moly for a while but that seemed to be short lived as every top barrel maker ended up shunning the use of moly in their barrels.

Today one can still get moly coated bullets from some of the big bullet manufacturers and there are many that use them in a variety of guns. AR15 shooters using these bullets have given no reports of moly fouling in the gas port system on these guns.

Today boron nitride is being used as a coating with better results than the moly coatings.


Getting back to cast pistol bullets the moly thing did not work out well for a lot of users with some swearing by it and other swearing at it.

Other coatings came onto the market with somewhat limited success.

Rooster Labs came out with the "Rooster Jacket" which was a synthetic wax in evaporative solution that would dry and leave a wax coat on the bullet. This was a bit messy but had some degree of success.

The other coating that gained quite a bit of popularity was Lee’s Liquid Alox. Alox 2138F, (the lubricant in the famous NRA’s 50/50 Alox 2138F and beeswax in a 50/50 ratio) was put into liquid suspension with an evaporative carrier that would coat the bullets with the lubricant and dry to provide lubricant film. (Alox 2138F is a calcium soap based wire pulling lubricant.) This was developed by Lee to be used with its Tumble Lube Micro Band cast bullet designs.

However others that needed extra lubrication on their cast bullets started adding it to commercial cast bullets to gain extra lubrication over many of the hard wax lubes being used by many commercial casters. Some of those lubes had limited lubrication qualities as the lube was designed more for its ease of use and fast set up time rather than the lubes ability to perform its primary function and prevent lead fouling from cast lead bullets.

The extra coating worked well but was still a bit soft and tacky in its feel. Others would also thin the mixture further to make the coating thinner on the surface of the bullet.

It was additional work to be sure but the end result was worth it as it worked well.

I worked at improving the conventional cast bullet lubricant to limit the shortcomings of the hard wax lubes by developing our own semi-hard lube using all synthetic high temp waxes and synthetic lubricants that provided a much higher degree of lubrication. The application to the bullets was more labor intensive and required more attention than the hard lubes but the results were worth it as the lube worked well in providing real lubrication and which led great accuracy.

Recently a resurgence in coated bullets has been taking place with the introduction of the dry film coatings being imported from Australia called Hy-Tech. They claim the lubricant has been used there for the last twenty years.

The process involves applying a dry film coating that is in suspension in an evaporative carrier (Acetone) and once dry the bullets are baked to cure the film to the bullet.

Several companies have jumped into this coating technology and the reports have been looking favorable to a point.

The advantages of the dry film coatings is that they don’t smoke as much as conventional wax lubes (although a lot of smoke can be limited with the right powder choices) and that they do a good job of preventing leading, which is the lubricants primary job. Results varied by manufacturers as different companies that embraced this coating had different results. Some companies were rushing the baking process by running it short and the results were less than favorable. You Tube comparisons of the same coating by different companies showed a great degree of variance.

The initial drawbacks seem to be centered around three things.

First, is that if the cure time is not done properly the bullets when fired are producing an "electrical burning smell".

Next, is that while the coatings are durable to a point they still need care in the reloading process to be sure that the cases are flared enough and the bullets are seated and then crimped in two separate operations to insure the coating doesn’t get scraped off the bullet as doing so results in very poor performance and lead fouling.

Finally, and this is the big one, is ACCURACY. So far reports are that while accuracy has been from acceptable to good the best conventional wax based type cast bullets are still setting the accuracy standards over the Hy-Tech products.

I have my own thoughts about why this happens and this has led myself and others to look at different coating technologies.

As far as coating technologies go there is no one that has made more advancements in the last twenty years in this area than the United States.

I have been looking at various technologies for many years and the choices available today are many and widespread.

Another trend has been to use powder coat materials on the bullets and then baking them to cure the powder coat to the bullet. Unfortunately powder coat materials can contain abrasives that are very detrimental to your barrels life expectancy. One has to be careful in which powder coating material they chose.

Having seen some fads come and go over the years I decided to sit back a bit and watch this play out over the last several months. While checking various results that others were getting we did some of our own testing of various coatings including the Hy-Tech product.

I have come to the conclusion that the time for coated bullets has come provided a coating could be found without the accuracy shortcomings as outlined above.

I have such a coating in process now and have started to offer it on our entire product line. I am now accepting orders for the coated bullets.

Over the next few weeks I will be gearing up the production of this coating to meet the demand.

This process does add time to the orders right now as I will not rush it and have bad results. However, those times will improve as capacity to coat increases over the next few weeks.

Customers that have tried this coating have been very pleased with the results.

I look forward to offering you the very best in coated bullet technology

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

12/01/14 UPDATE With all the angst of the midterm elections now behind us and a telling defeat for those who had endorsed Obama’s plans a clear message has been sent to Washington and the GOP to get their house in order.

Despite the election results the President still thinks he can do what he wants by executive order. His latest shot across the bow with his immigration reform is just another example of a guy that just doesn’t get it or who just doesn’t want to.

Hopefully when the new congress is sworn in we will see some substantial changes in things to come.

The firearms industry, having had its best run so far over the last 18 months, is now starting to see that they may have miscalculated future demand and the shelves are overstocked with too many guns. Deals seem to abound all over.

The powder situation has improved only slightly in some areas but I figure as panic buying subsides from the election results that powder will become more readily available as supplies catch up. However, that will still take a few months to happen.

I am rolling back the 10% price increase effective 12/01/2014 and as long as metal prices stay stable I should be able to maintain posted prices.

On another note I am investigating coated bullets with several different coatings available including the Hy-Tech process from Australia. I’ll be sending out samples for some to test and report back with the results. There are some newer coatings available which are better than the Hy-Tech process and I will be checking those out as well. When they become available I’ll post the update here.

The Christmas Drawing is doing quite well and it will be a lot of fun to post the winners after Christmas Day. There’s still time to enter so get your orders in now before the 24th of December.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -


07/07/14 UPDATE

Summer Shutdown - 2014

We will be closed from 7/11/2014 to 7/22/2014.

This will be my first break away from the shop in about eight years.

Please hold all calls and inquiries until after I get back.

The online order system will still take orders while I am away and I will begin processing those orders as soon as I get back.

 The Summer Special has been extended till the end of July.

Thank you for your understanding,
Bob Palermo -

12/06/13 UPDATE

Joseph A. Palermo 1923-2013

NILES - Joseph Anthony Palermo, 90, formerly of Niles, died early Wednesday morning, Nov. 27, 2013, at home surrounded by family and friends.

He was born on March 9, 1923, in Niles, the son of Pio and Carolina Figiuolo Palermo.

Joseph was a U.S. Army veteran who served in the 876th Airborne Division and was promoted to sergeant to the 9th Army Air Corps serving in the European Theatre in Paris, France, where Joseph met his wife and lifelong partner, Jacqueline Sabatini. Jacqueline and Joseph were married Oct. 10, 1945, in Paris, France.

Joseph was a self-made man and owned and operated several successful businesses, most notable were Joe's Tire Shop and Joe's Excavating in Niles for more than 50 years.

Joseph was a hardworking husband and father who valued and cherished his time with his family. Surviving are his children, Patricia (Bob) Lewis of Girard, Linda (Donald) Culver of Liberty Township, Robert (Arduth) Palermo of Cheswick, Pa., and Jacqueline "Star" (Thomas) Toth of Niles; his six grandchildren, Joseph A. (Amy) Lewis of Niles, Robert P. (Lisa) Lewis of Warren, Donald (Andrea) Culver III of Tampa, Fla., Christina Ferreri of Howland, Zachary T. Toth of Columbus, and Arianna J. Toth of Kent; and his five great-grandchildren, Amanda Lewis, Logan, Madelyn and Mason Culver, and Joscelyn Ferreri.

In addition to his parents, Joseph was preceded in death by his wife, Jacqueline Sabatini, on Jan. 12, 2008; his sisters, Miss Norina Palermo, Jenny Palermo and Grace Prystash; and brothers, Sam and Albert Palermo.

A Mass of Christian burial will be 11 a.m. Saturday at St. Rose Church in Girard. The family will receive relatives and friends from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Blackstone Funeral Home in Girard, where a prayer service will be held at 10:30 a.m.

Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and kind words …
Bob Palermo -

11/21/13 UPDATE
I am taking some time off during the holiday season. The shop will be closed the week of Thanksgiving and will also close Christmas day till Jan 2nd.

 The crew and I need some time off and I have some personal family matters to deal with as my father has now entered hospice care and I must see to his needs during this time.

A substantial amount of new orders have come in and the crew and I will be working hard to get as many completed during the holiday season but I would ask that ORDER INQUIRES be held off until after the holidays as I will not be able to spend the time researching the status of such orders until then.

 I will post more up to date information as it becomes available on the Penn Bullets Facebook page.

I wish everyone the very best during this holiday season and I look forward to a better new year in 2014.  

As always the crew and I appreciate your patience and understanding during these holidays.


Till next time …
Bob Palermo -


10/31/13 UPDATE

I have been reminded that the last update was in May and some would like to know how the world of order processing is going these days.

Order demand has finally eased up to some degree and the ravenous appetites of the hoarders seems to have abated somewhat in the last month or so. This has been good news in that I finally have been able to get a run of all the specialty bullets completed during this time period in order to get a lot of older orders, (some as far back as December, 2012) that were waiting for these particular bullets, filled. I am almost thru all of them with the two biggest demanded specialty bullets now being the .30 caliber 150 grain and the .30 caliber 180 grain, all in various sizes. I am getting ready to do a really big run of those that will carry inventory of them into next year as I got in a real big supply of linotype to use in casting those bullets. There are about a half dozen to go yet on the others but I am closing in on all of those although a couple of bullet designs have to be run again as orders for some of them have exhausted the extras that were run for inventory.

Soft lead supplies have been used up at alarming rates thru this panic despite the increased number of suppliers and the distances now being traveled to secure those supplies. I have even resorted to having some of the materials trucked in when possible to save some of my time on the road.

Some have maintained that there is no shortage of lead and while that is technically true the shortage of lead at acceptable prices is another story. It would be easy to call up a lead supplier and pay the ultra high prices being asked but that would require passing on those costs to our customers and that is not what this company has been about in providing a quality product at a fair price. 

The recent decision by Doe Run to not only NOT BUILD a new smelting operation but that they are closing their current smelting operation, and also the last smelting operation in the U.S. next year, is going to have a profound impact on the entire lead industry. If we have to resort to imports for our materials this will not be good for the industry and the impact I feel will be quite severe.

Other issues have impacted the company as well and much of this was detailed out on the PENN BULLETS Facebook page, which I suggest is good place to get more updates as I can easily post there but the bulletins have to be done thru the Web Master and James has always done a super job in this area.

The last few months has had my time diverted away somewhat as my father (a WWII vet) who is 90 years old has needed my attention in getting him some live in help and nursing care at his home in Ohio and that required several trips back to deal with that issue.

Then the tragedy of Victor my main casting guy who has been with me for almost three years is still being felt. Victor was crossing an intersection in Harmar after getting off the bus to the Giant Eagle Get Go, where he was being picked up by the shop manager Dave to come to work, when he was struck by a speeding car that ran the red light. The driver went around a stopped car into a curb lane when he struck Victor. Victor was life-flighted to AGH in Pittsburgh where he has been in critical condition. The impact severed his one leg below the knee cap and the other was saved thru extensive surgical repair. He has been undergoing numerous surgeries to repair his arm, clavicle, and other areas. He currently has a trach in as his lungs were severely bruised. He is expected to live but the doctors figure it will be at least three months before he can leave the hospital for rehab. The driver was caught and is facing a list of felony charges but that really doesn’t help Victor.

All of the above is not exactly the kind of news that I wish to report and I am not looking for anything but prayers for Victor to recover the best that he can.

In the meantime I have hired one new guy who is coming up to speed nicely and one of my guys who has been on family leave has returned a bit early to help fill the void. I still have one other employee who is out on family leave as well.

The shop is getting back into a better production schedule slowly as adjustments have been made to compensate and I figure the month of November should see some real improvements in getting a lot of the orders out again in a reasonable time frame.

As always I will try to answer your e-mails but bear in mind right now I am about 120 e-mails behind almost every day but will try to get update requests on orders out as soon as I can.

As always my employees and I appreciate your continued support.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

05/20/13 UPDATE

There is no relief in the onslaught of orders that have poured in since the school shootings. In fact during the height of all the political turmoil, March and April have generated more than three times the number of orders we received in January and February combined.

I apologize if I haven’t responded to an e-mail that you may have sent inquiring about your order but there is a steady backlog of those as well. I do try to answer all of them but I may unintentionally miss some of them on occasion.

I am still not taking phone messages as I currently do not have enough time to go through them.

We are running at full strength and the new equipment is online and a pretty good percentage of the orders are going out in a fair to good time frame.

The biggest headache has been keeping the orders in some semblance of received sequential priority to prevent orders from becoming too old. Thus far I have not been able to keep that part as organized as I would like. Therefore, in order to rectify that situation I have employed some part time office help. Last week they began spending time organizing this tremendous volume of orders to help get the oldest orders into the production schedule and to clear up the back, lower demand orders from December, January, and February while keeping production going on the regular bullets for the other months.

Normally I would suspend production of the specialty bullets during this time but with the extra help I have been fitting in short filler runs when available in the casting schedule and I am getting many of these bullets done as well. They are still being separated from the regular orders and are shipping in their own schedules unless they are ready to ship when the regular part of the order is done, in which case both orders will ship together.

During this time there are many new customers that have put in orders who have not previously dealt with us and are unaware of our system and the time it takes to produce the quality products which the growing number of our customers have come to expect from us.

First off this ain’t fast food. I don’t cater to the “I need it right now” type of customers. I have a customer base of over 150,000 which was developed from over thirty years of manufacturing quality cast bullets and selling them at gun shows in multiple states as well as selling nationally from advertisements in publications like American Handgunner, Shooting Times, Front Sight, and The Cowboy Chronicle (the official SASS publication) and of course via our web site.

The demand for our products has almost always exceeded my ability to supply it despite three major expansions. I own and operate my own foundry where I blend all my own alloys to my specifications.

It is this methodology that has placed us at the very peak of demand for our products and which delivers the performance that our customers have come to demand and expect.

To that end the customers that know this have dealt with us for years over and over again because they want nothing less than the best. One has only to look at the ever growing list of satisfied customers who are champions, competitors, hunters, and casual shooters that grace our ‘Customer Comments’ section. They say it better than I ever could.

At this point I want to put in a word about customer service. Some customers feel that if they get their product quickly from another vendor that is good customer service. Yes, timely delivery is part of the equation BUT the other part of really good customer service is taking the necessary time to deal with customers who have problems or guiding not only the new but also experienced customers in solving problems, selecting the correct bullets, providing load data as needed, or whatever the customer needs in order to achieve the results they desire.

To that end, even now during these crazy times, I spend a lot of time on the phone providing the customer service that so many want. I don’t blow people of by telling them, as some companies do, “Go buy some reloading manuals and get your own data for our products as we aren’t going to provide any. However, we will gladly take your money for our products while providing no customer support”.

To me that is the real difference between our customer service and theirs. That difference shows up every day in the form of loyal customers who buy from us time and time again.

Consequently I will not change the way I deal with my customers or how I make my products.

Just before the panic I had made my last expansion (as detailed in previous PENNBULLETINs and after years of long delays on some orders I finally had reached a point where almost all of our orders were going out in very good time frames and as a result I was seeing many favorable customer responses.

The re-election took place and a new wave of increased buying took hold. Yet, even then I was dealing well with it until the theater and school shootings took place and the political cry for more gun control spun this entire industry out of control with record levels of gun, ammunition, and component purchases never before seen. These purchasing volumes have even exceeded the panic from the Brady Bill, which was bad in its own right and lasted eighteen months.

This is a whole order of magnitude worse than anything previously experienced by sellers as well as buyers!

I have made some changes and will continue to make more changes during these times to deal with this panic in the best fashion that I can. If during these times that you feel that your order is taking too long please feel free to call or e-mail and I will do my best to get an answer to you as soon as I can.

At this time I will continue to make changes to help deal with the volume of orders we are receiving.

When your order is grouped and charged those orders are active and will ship anywhere from one day to a maximum of six to eight weeks. If your order is charged and you have not received a ship confirmation then please call or e-mail me to check its status.

If an order hasn’t been charged and it has been her for eight to twelve weeks then you can e-mail or phone for a projected ship date.

Please bear in mind that all these time frame are rough approximations. However, if you feel a need to check on your order and it falls outside of the above time frames then please call or e-mail me. Allow extra time for e-mail responses. Also, please keep and refer to your ship confirmation in your correspondence. Additionally, please provide whether or not the order was charged and if so the date it was charged, otherwise I will not be able to locate the order.

The Penn Bullets team will work diligently to complete all orders in an acceptable timeframe and maintain our high quality standards along the way.

I thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

02/09/13 UPDATE

    It comes as no surprise that the recent violent tragedies involving firearms and the all out assault on gun rights have caused the largest panic in gun, ammunition, and component purchases that has ever happened in the history of this country.
    Gun store shelves are stripped bare and supplies are being bought up as fast as they hit the shelves. To that end ammunition is practically non-existent, as well as powder, primers, and bullets.
    All manufacturers have been affected including us.
    At this time the volume of orders is exceeding the panic levels of the Brady Bill time period and I am many currently weeks behind on orders.
    New equipment has been ordered and will be here in the next two weeks which along with some increase in staffing will assist in helping to deal with the onslaught.
    I am currently not giving any time frames on orders except for gross estimates.
    I will not compromise the quality of my products in favor of higher production but I will eventually fill all orders that come in.
    I will continue to do orders in larger groups so it does not matter when you order as when those bullets that you order come up to be done I will be doing ALL the orders for those bullets at the same time.
    If your order is for one bullet style then those orders will be filled the fastest.
    Multiple style orders are going to be split up and shipped separately in order to speed up deliveries during this time and to avoid really excessive delays.
    Please try to refrain from e-mails and phone calls asking about order status during this time and I am currently NOT taking any voice mails right now.
    As before I will group the orders and charge them and work on them to completion. If you see your order charged then I am working on filling it at this time. Other orders will wait until I put them into a group and charge them at some later date and then go to work on them.
I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

11/18/12 UPDATE

    With the election behind us the fears of the gun owning community is running with full blown panic as many have been hoarding guns, ammunition, and components.
    The main focus seems to be on the UN treaty and whether or not this can be used as an end run around the 2nd amendment for disarmament. Some legal scholars seem to think not. Taxing seems to be a real possibility since the Supreme Court ruled that the health care bill is a tax and is legal for the government to do so; some see this as possible imposition on our rights. As a result order demand is up to very high levels.
    I have been securing new additional sources of materials and that has been helping us keep up with the demand increase so most orders are going out in very good time frames. I apologize if I did not return your phone call or e-mails in a timely fashion as both of those areas are getting a lot of attention right now and my time to respond to them is limited but I will eventually get to them so please be patient.
    To that end a new internal tracking system for orders is being implemented that should eliminate excessive delays on some orders by keeping them from being put behind new incoming orders. I expect to have this fully implemented by the end of the year as we clear up the backlog of oldest orders.
      Specialty bullets that are normally run on their own schedule during slower months like July and August got pushed back because there was no slowdown this year. Instead of suspending production of the specialty bullets I started fitting in production runs of them when I had a half day of casting open at the end of a run of regular bullets that have been running for a couple of days. As a result I am slowly getting thru all the specialty bullets and should see completion of all of them by the end of the year. This has been the best way to still keep these bullets in production during these high demand times. These will still ship separately from a mixed order of regular bullets unless they are available when the regular bullets are ready to ship.
    I wish to address the new customers that have not dealt with us before relative to their expecting immediate delivery of their orders and pricing issues. I have the order processing policy on the front page of the web site that explains our process and time frames for orders. I offer the highest quality product at a fair price. There are three factors involved Price, Quality, and Speed only two of which can prevail at any one time. This is referred to as the pick two concept and my operation is based on Quality and Price not Speed.
    Rather than some who charge a much higher price all the time I keep my prices as low as possible and as a result I have to have some flexibility in adjusting prices during changes in market conditions. As explained in the pricing policy those changes can be up to 10% from posted prices and if conditions warrant price adjustments beyond that I will change the posted prices.
    The addition of new suppliers has resulted in my traveling further out than ever before to secure those materials and some are now being trucked in from some remote locations which impacts the final cost of those materials. As noted before when fuel prices abate and metal prices come down I have gone back to the posted prices. Not all bullets on the site have incurred the increase and the increase is many times less than 10%.
    There is going to be an updated policy with regards to the flat rate shipping with additional details that will be posted on the site.
    Much interest is being generated by the new .45 caliber 185 grain bullet. The test block is in and I will be making up some bullets and sending them out to some for testing.

   The much anticipated .44 Thunderhead is now at the custom mold makers being cut. I expect to have this new exciting bullet in production before the end of the year. It will have great applications in .44 special as well as the magnum.

Till next time …
Bob Palermo -

06/20/12 UPDATE

    It’s been awhile since the last update so I thought it time to cover some items.
    First off for the many who have inquired; my health has continued to be good thru the skills of the many doctors who overlook my health.
    My last checkups all came back showing everything to be good and stable and with the exception of the flu having run thru everybody here, including myself, I can’t complain.
    Of course if I was going to complain the single biggest issue I have is my arthritis and the inability to take most of the pain control drugs out there as they are contra indicated for a person with one kidney. But I manage with the help of a great staff of workers.
    It appears that after the last Obama panic that seemed to finally let up late last year another pre-election panic is going on as everyone I talk to is now convinced that he is going to be re-elected. So off we go again as the orders keep coming in. There has been no summer slowdown. 
    Processing times are up right now despite the improvements that have been made in production although nowhere near as bad as they were before the changes. Many orders are going out in good times with about 80% going out in 1-3 weeks and 19% in 4-6 weeks and about 1 % beyond that and most of those are specialty bullets that are getting done in their own schedule.
    New bullets are on hold again as I am still waiting for the company that took over H&G to get their new computer milling equipment up and running and as soon as that is done I can get the new .45 and Thunderheads designs done. If they don’t get it done soon I am going to look at other sources to cut the molds.
    A small change has been made to the automatic confirmation for orders in that I now access these by the Date and Time only that comes with the response. Please keep your confirmation until your order is received and when inquiring about your order PLEASE use the confirmation date and time so I can look up the order. I will not be able to give you any updates on your order without it.
    If you don’t get a confirmation when you place your order check your spam filters to be sure you can receive the confirmation. Also, check to be sure your e-mail address is put in correctly as I have seen several confirmations rejected as undeliverable. In addition if you don’t get the confirmation please contact me at to be sure that the order was received and include the date you submitted the order.
    Finally remember to get the Vote Out and see if we can overturn this prediction. IT CAN BE DONE!!!

Till Next Time:
Robert Palermo President

11/15/11 UPDATE

      I look at the date of the last bulletin and I wonder where the time has went. It has been a very busy summer and fall.
    The new pad for the foundry was poured and added 1500 square feet to our operation. The foundry has been moved and two pours have been completed with a third coming up shortly. The finished ingots now roll right into the casting area on a roller feed system and are stacked ready for use.
    Generating an average of 27,000 pounds of metal per heat has sped up our production by a tremendous margin. Most orders are now going out in days instead of weeks and specialty bullets are getting done in weeks instead of months.
    Additional help has been moving things along quite well and I am looking forward to one of our best years ever cresting over 17,000,000 bullets this year.
    The new .475 335 grain bullet is also in production and research on the new .45 185 grain bullet is underway.
    Custom sizing is really starting to take hold as many are discovering the improved performance that can be had with bullets of the proper size for an individual firearm.
    My health continues to be good and I am starting to take some time off periodically to keep it that way. We will close for Thanksgiving thru the following Monday to be with our families.
    Here’s to wishing everybody a safe and happy holiday season with God’s Blessing.

Till next time …
B. P. -

05/23/11 UPDATE

    Much has been happening over the last few months since our last update.
    First off my health has been much improved with the aid of the excellent doctors within the region. I thank the Good Lord for such fine people blessed with their skills.
    Demand over the last few months have hit the highest levels I have ever seen in 30 years.
    Most of the orders have been going out in record time with the additional help that was put into place last year.
    A new truck has been acquired and it has already proven its value as I have gained new sources for materials further out than ever before which has been so sorely needed to keep pace with the demand. I now have a Face Book page under Robert Palermo and there is a page under Penn Bullets where you can see a picture of the new truck.
    Its an F350 Crew Cab with the new 6.7 turbo diesel and it is tremendous in it pulling and weight carrying capacity.
    Anyone wishing to sign on to the Face Book page can do so.
    I am in the process this year (if stops raining long enough) to add a 1500 square foot addition to the shop to relocate the foundry from its Ohio location where it has been for the last 18 years. The relocation will further enhance the speed of metal processing and availability of finished metal.
    Along with the expanded foundry that was completed last year I am expecting a big increase in the speed of processing of orders when this is all completed in the next few months.
    New bullets are in the works.
    The much asked for 335grain .475 caliber bullets are in the works with the molds being made now.
    A new .45 185grain SWC design for extreme accuracy at 50 yards is being developed. Much testing to be done before this one comes to market but I am expecting great things from this new design.
    I am going to continue to work this year on the new Thunderhead designs in .44 and .41 caliber.
    There is also some updated news on our pricing policy that will be posted on the site under “About Our Prices”.

Till next time,
Robert Palermo / President.

02/05/11 UPDATE
    It’s been a while since I have done an update so I thought I would get one done and let everyone know how things have been.
    First off , once again I wish to thank all who kept me in their thoughts and prayers through the last three surgical procedures I have undergone in the last 90 days. Yes, my old friends the kidney stones have been back. At this time it looks like the procedures have cleared out the most recent growth of them with the largest of these being 2 CM in size. I am now seeing a kidney specialist who is going to be tracking my situation with tests, recommendations, and medications, if necessary, to reduce or eliminate the ongoing problem.
    I have to remember to drink plenty of water during the day and that hasn’t been easy as when I get busy in the shop I tend not to think about it too much. That has changed as I am getting real tired of these trips into the hospitals for these procedures.
    Anyway, thanks to everybody for the well wishes.
    There has been some relaxation of the panic buying that we all went thru for the last two years and primers and powder and components are in better supply but some things have still been at issue and in some areas supplies can still be spotty at times.
    Our winter help has been a big boost and 99% of all orders are going out in record times. There is even an increase in stock which is helping many orders get filled quickly.
    The expansion at the foundry is completed and that has helped as well. The new melting pot can generate over 25,000 pounds of bullet casting metal in one day.
    To fully utilize the capabilities of the expansion I will be getting a new truck this year to do the heavy hauling and that is expected to happen in the early part of spring.
    Between health issues and dealing with the panic buying of the last two years hasn’t left much time to bring out any new bullets. However, that will change this year as new additions are currently being worked on and should be available by mid year.
    I will make those announcements here when they become available.
    Until next time I continue to be at your service.

Robert Palermo / President.

    04/15/10 UPDATE
Welcome to the newly revised home page of
    After building one of the best and most informative cast bullet sites on the net it was time to update the home page as it was getting very crowded with all the information I had the webmaster add to that page.
    At his suggestion that it was time to reorganize the home page and make it easier to find the extensive information housed within the site I turned him loose to see what could be done and I have to say I’m just blown away by the quality of his work. For those that don’t know him by anything other than, his true identity is James Reynolds.
    Jim was an old time long ago customer that bought bullets off of me when I was doing gun shows in Cleveland at the Ohio Gun Collectors Association about 22 or so years ago when James lived in that area. I had not heard from James for some time when he contacted me a few years back about needing some bullets and that he was running out of bullets that he bought off of me 22+ years ago.
    I remember thinking at the time, “what does this guy do? Shoot a couple of bullets a year?” 
It was then that he explained that he had moved to Tennessee to work for the car maker Saturn as a Cad / Cam programming engineer and wasn’t doing much with shooting.
    I remember his telling me that my original web site (which was nothing more than just a home page with a few bullet pictures) was sort of “sparse”.
    At that time gun shows and dealer orders were my primary sales venue and mail order was only a small portion of the business.
    Add in the fact that I didn’t even own a computer at that time as all I had was a little Web TV unit that I used for e-mails and such.
    I had checked into having others work on the site but the cost always seemed too high and it wasn’t a high priority back then.
    James had retired from Saturn and was getting back into shooting big time.
    At this point is when he said he did web work on the side and he needed bullets. The rest they say is history. His work coincided with my recovery from various illnesses during which I wrote the narratives for the web site which I still do to this day (hopefully without the recovering part).
    James’s amazing work and the USPS flat rate shipping totally transformed the way I conducted business. Eventually I gave up doing shows and switched everything over to a mail order format which turned out to be much better for my health and well being.
Over the years James has done much work in making this site the best of its kind and I receive many accolades on the web site and its ease of use and the information contained within the site.
    This site as it stands today would not have been possible without the tireless efforts and unending changes that he has put into this site.  This new home page is the latest in his long line of his creative contributions.   I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I do.
    Thank you James, for all you have done.

Robert Palermo / President.

      01/26/10 UPDATE
With a new year in full swing and the amazing election in MA things are starting to look up.
    The first thing I wanted to let everyone know is that I am removing the temporary suspension from the specialty bullets in the lineup. (These bullets are marked 'Specialty Bullets' in the listings.) I have hired some additional help and while this help is available I am going to get as many of these done as possible. These will be separate order and shipped items to get them out quickly.
    Orders that include these with other bullets will be shipped separately unless the other bullets are available at the time of shipping. Now would be the time to stock up on these fine bullets.
    A new specialty bullet is also being added and that will be the .357 200 grain Truncated Cone Gas check design and will be available with and without gas checks. I’ll have this up on the web site soon. So check back in few days.
    The bad news is my computer crashed over the holidays so until it gets fixed I don’t have access to my stored e-mails and there is a possibility that they may be lost permanently but my webmaster is working on the computer to see if he can get the files restored.  I have a laptop that I’m currently using to answer mail and get orders and shipping processed.
    There will also be other updates on the site and while lead prices have somewhat stabilized I am continuing to offer some free shipping options and or discounts on volume orders so take advantage of this while its in effect as the next surge in pricing could cause these deals to go away.

Until next time
Robert Palermo / President.

    07/14/09 UPDATE
It comes as no surprise to most of us in the gun and reloading industry that the upsurge of sales in everything guns, ammo, and components is STILL at an all time high since the election. Having talked with sales reps at the various distributors the same thing is being reported everywhere. Ammo, gun sales and components are going out as fast as they come in and there is no sign that anything is letting up.
    As one sales rep said this is worse than the Brady Bill, Y2K and 911 combined and I have to agree having seen the surges of all of those as well.
    I watch several of the reloading forums and the same news is being reported there. Some people are getting primers and such but when others check those sources they are sold out again as fast as it come in.
    We are ourselves no less busy. While it seemed that summer had brought about a small slowdown in orders that was short lived. Our backlog is considerable but with additional hours and manpower we are getting more orders out than ever before. We appreciate you patience during these times and are doing our best to fill all orders in as timely a fashion as possible without sacrificing quality.
    Moving on to another matter is the subject of services provided by our military and law enforcement. I am working thru our web master at having the sight updated and those in active service in those fields will receive FREE SHIPPING on their order as our way of saying thanks for their service. I am in the process of getting the ID part figured out and that should be up soon. In the meantime you can call me to get your discount.
    Hang in there everybody,

Till next time
Robert Palermo / President.

    09/08/08 UPDATE
Its that time again to bring customers some news of changes I am undertaking to speed  up delivery of orders. As many of you know our extensive line of cast bullets has always taken time to go thru all the various bullets we offer and I decided to go to a priority based casting schedule to keep all the bullets in the line up for our customers. Unfortunately this has caused many orders to end up being delayed beyond a reasonable time frame and especially in cases where one bullet in a mixed order is causing a prolonged delay due to its lower priority. In addition there have been issues with securing enough lead materials on a regular basis that contributes to the delays of specialty bullets.
    While I did not want to take this step I feel at this point I have no choice  but to trim back the number of offerings temporarily to get caught up on the numerous back orders that are still pending.  High volume orders have slowed down somewhat during the later part of summer but I have too many back orders that will never get filled if I don’t take these steps right now. Once that has been accomplished I will resume production of those bullets. Those of you who have current orders in for those bullets will get them as I get caught up on the back orders.
    Since  most of the bullets that are being suspended are low demand items this will not affect the majority of orders but will eliminate delays on mixed orders with those particular bullets.
    A large order of 5000 bullets or more of any suspended bullet will be accepted in the event such a bullet is needed by any one customer.
    As always I appreciate your understanding and continued patronage.

Robert Palermo / President.

    04/14/08 UPDATE
    I look back at the date of the last bulletin and realize another year has gone by. The proverbial “where did the time go?” seems to be my perception of the time past. It was suggested that I was past due to publish an update and that I should probably do so on quarterly basis. I’ll see if I can do that in order to keep customers abreast of the changes in our industry and within our operation.
    First, as to the matter of my health; I wish to thank everyone that kept me in mind and in their prayers through the surgeries and the recoveries. My health has been relatively good recently and I see doctors on a regular basis to monitor my health. The one thing you don’t plan on as you get older is the time you spend seeing various doctors and specialists and it becomes a part of your life but I guess it beats the alternative.
    Business has been very busy and demand is high and I think now to some extent that some of this panic buying is by individuals trying to hedge off future price increases. Some of this is also being fueled by the upcoming presidential election as gun owners aren’t exactly thrilled with our choices and are fearful of the future if either Democrat gets in. Some of us aren’t too thrilled with the history of the Republican nominee either.
    Small bullet casters continue to close and two near my area have closed recently as well which continues to increase the demand for those looking for suppliers. I am currently rejecting any new wholesale accounts from dealers or commercial loaders as I cannot deal with the increase at this time. I have finally conceded that I need some additional help and that the area that needs the most help is the orders, paper work and generally the front office as it were. Office work was fine while I was recovering but I am back to work full steam now and the paperwork is consuming over half of my time. I need to concentrate on procurement of materials and production of bullets.
    I am getting far too many calls and e-mails from people looking for their orders and the order system is not fully computerized and I am spending far too much time backtracking orders through the stacks and groups of orders so I am taking some steps to correct that problem. I am getting an office assistant starting this week who will handle calls, orders and generally organize my office ( no small feat I assure you.) It will take this person some time to get this going but overall the improvement is going to be fairly quick if I don’t have to answer calls and e-mails for order checks. I will still respond to technical calls and e-mails of that type to continue assisting customers so that part will remain the same.
    The issue of price changes keeps coming up especially on some orders that are charged differently from what is posted on the web site. Despite my best attempts at this time to keep prices current I have not been able to keep up with the rapid changes due to rising transportation costs as well as  increased costs of supplies and lead materials. I have executed several price changes over the last several months and those are out of date already. I will continue to charge the best possible price in effect at the time the order is shipped. For orders of 5000 bullets or more on orders called in or e-mailed inquiries I will lock prices with a current quote and that price will not change regardless of when it ships. I may after I get the office help going to be able to keep the prices more current.
    I wanted to address the current lead supplies issue. I have taken some steps to secure some additional suppliers that are further out than our current suppliers. There are some bidding wars going on for the types of material I purchase as these are consistent high quality materials that insure a high quality weight consistent product. Our product is not the highest price nor is it the lowest but the quality and low weight variations will always be first rate. Others are still buying scrap materials and blending it off and the high weight deviations that result destroy any chance at consistent accuracy.
    Finally I have started to write a reloading tips section that will be an ongoing project. (Yes I know if I’m so busy why I am I doing this? I actually find this part to be the relaxing and enjoyable part of the business.) Check out the link and check back as I continue to add to the section. Many questions will be answered there and that should also save me some time on the phone.
    I finally got the last two new bullets posted to the site, a .44 205 grain TCPB and the new .45/70 480 grain Thunderhead. Check them out under the caliber links.
    Until next time I remain at your service.

Robert Palermo / President.

    05/23/07 UPDATE
    I wish to thank all the customers who had me in mind and in their prayers during my most recent surgery at the end of April. Everything turned out well and I am recovering nicely and I am back to work covering the desk and phones for the next few weeks before I get back to a full schedule. Dave is still producing bullets that were cast ahead of the surgery and Dan is still packing the boxes, so orders are still going out on a regular basis.
    There have been some concerns over the order processing times and I wanted to take a moment to address those issues here. Demand is close to the all time high that I have ever seen in over twenty-five years in this business. The last time orders got this backed up was right after the Brady Bill had passed and the resulting panic buying drove wait times to extended levels. Customers are wondering if the same thing is happening this time around and my answer is that no it's not.
    Conditions in the cast bullet business have changed dramatically over the last two years. The resulting skyrocketing metal prices have forced many bullet casters to close, and some have closed for other reasons as well but the net result is the same: There are less of us out there doing the work and now the demand is spread out over fewer manufacturers. There are also some issues with obtaining raw materials and I have had some delays in that area as well. Since I operate my own foundry to produce the finished metal that I use in the making of my products this is a part of our production process that takes time to insure the high quality that we provide.
    Some of the remaining companies have changed their marketing strategies to try to compensate for their demand. One company went direct sales to the public and is discontinuing supplies to nationally based sporting goods stores as it could no longer discount its product to those stores and remain competitive. Another went in the opposite direction supplying only dealers and cutting off direct sales so as not to have to spend time with individual customers and just deal with a few dealers. While another has eliminated some bullets out of its line up so it can cycle through its bullet line up more quickly while others have resorted to lowering quality through the use of lower grade materials.
    I still offer the high quality and a complete line up of bullets and I will still be adding in some new bullets along the way. However, I have resorted to a priority based casting schedule. This means that those bullets that are in the highest demand get cast first and much more frequently than lower demand bullets. Some of the lower demand bullets may only be cast once or twice a year based on the demand. Other bullets will fall between these two extremes. With over seventy-five different bullets in the line up it takes time to go through all the various designs and this was the only way to still offer the full line up that many of our customers have come to expect over the years. Orders that contain a mixture of these bullets may be split up in shipping to expedite the delivery of the available bullets.
    The quality of our products and the personal service that I have provided for over twenty-five years is the bedrock upon which I have built the company. I will not sacrifice that quality or service in the name of expediency.
    Customers who call and need my help will still get all the time and attention they need to resolve their reloading problems.
    During this time with extended periods for deliveries it would be prudent to plan ahead and order accordingly and as always we will continue to give you our best.

Thank you for letting me be of service to you, Bob Palermo / President.

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