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Current - Spring, 2017

 It comes as no surprise that the prices of ammo and components has hit record highs over the last several months. Many are blaming higher materials costs which while partly true, is not the full answer that is impacting  final prices. Everyone is aware that fuel prices, especially diesel fuels, are at record highs. Transportation costs have heavily impacted all manufacturers and retail sellers alike. In addition to this, since most of the manufacturing process done here is electrical, was the very substantial increase in electric rates that occurred at the beginning of the year.

I have been trying to keep the prices on the site updated with the changes but the fact is I don
t have the time to keep up with the speed of the changes as demand for product is very high and my time must be spent on production and procurement of materials.
Since I own and operate my own foundry I have been able to keep prices under the national averages. Prices will change UP or DOWN from what is listed within the site. I will continue to charge the lowest price possible and still offer you the highest quality products available anywhere. In addition I have expanded the number of offerings in Target Grade bullets and Cowboy Action bullets to further help with spiraling costs.
If you need current pricing then call or e-mail me for a quote and I can also lock your quoted prices on large orders (5000 bullets or more).

Thank you for letting me be of service to you,
Bob Palermo/ President. president@pennbullets.com

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